GRC300 SAP Access Control Implementation and Configuration

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In this course, students gain hands-on configuration and implementation experience of SAP Access Control 10.1, as well as important concepts they will need to know in order to prepare for implementation and ongoing access risk prevention.


This course will prepare you to:
  • Describe tasks performed by a typical SAP Access Control user
  • Discuss Harmonization topics as they relate to SAP Access Control
  • Explain how SAP GRC helps you to address business challenges
  • Identify authorization risks in typical business processes
  • Describe the Segregation of Duties Risk Management Process
  • Describe and configure functionality and features for SAP Access Control 10.1
  • Use the SAP Access Control 10.1 application to analyze and manage risk, design and manage roles, and provision and manage users
  • Describe the SAP Access Control 10.1 architecture and landscape, SAP Access Control Repository, and Object Level Security
  • Describe the Periodic Access Review process
  • Plan for and manage emergency access
  • Discuss the reporting framework
  • Configure workflows, including multi-stage multi-path (MSMP) workflows and BRF+Describe how the different applications of the SAP GRC Solution integrate with each other
  • Discuss key steps in the SAP Access Control implementation process


The primary audience for this course are Application Consultants, Business Process Architects, and Business Process Owners/Team Leads/Power Users.


Introduction to SAP Access Control

  • Discussing Business Challenges and Solutions
  • Using SAP Access Control

Architecture, Security, and Authorizations

  • Describing the System Architecture
  • Describing Security and Authorizations

Shared Configuration Settings

  • Configuring Shared GRC Settings
  • Configuring Shared SAP Access Control Settings

Authorization Risks and the Segregation of Duties (SoD) Management Process

  • Identifying Authorization Risks
  • Managing Risk by Segregating Duties

SAP Access Control Repository

  • Synchronizing Objects into the Repository
  • Scheduling and Viewing Background Jobs

Risk Analysis

  • Maintaining Shared Master Data
  • Configuring and Maintaining the Rule Set
  • Configuring and Using Audit Trail Tracking
  • Using the Risk Analysis Framework
  • Remediating Risks
  • Mitigating Risks
  • Mitigating Multiple Risks at One Time

Business Rule Framework

  • Creating Rules in the Business Rule Framework (BRF)
  • Defining Business Rules

Multi-Stage, Multi-Path (MSMP) Workflow

  • Describing Multi-Stage, Multi-Path (MSMP) Workflow
  • Maintaining MSMP Workflow
  • Building MSMP Workflow

User Provisioning

  • Configuring User Provisioning Settings
  • Configuring Access Request Forms
  • Requesting Access
  • Preparing Roles and Owner Data for MSMP Workflow
  • Creating Simplified Access Requests
  • Reviewing Search Request Results

SAP Fiori User Experience (UX) for GRC

  • Describing SAP Fiori UX

Role Design and Management

  • Configuring Role Management
  • Configuring Role Methodology
  • Configuring Role Search Attributes
  • Planning for Technical Role Definition
  • Planning for Business Role Definition
  • Consolidating Roles Through Role Mining
  • Performing Role Mass Maintenance Operations

Emergency Access Management

  • Describing Emergency Access Management
  • Planning for Emergency Access
  • Monitoring Emergency Access

Periodic Access Review Process

  • Planning Periodic Review
  • Monitoring Periodic Review

Reports and Custom Fields

  • Use the Reporting Framework

SAP Access Control Implementation

  • Using the SAP Access Control Implementation Process
  • Designing the SAP Access Control Solution
  • Planning Upgrade and Migration
  • Configuring SAP Access Control
  • Implementing the SAP Access Control solution
  • Optimizing the SAP Access Control Suite

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Teaching mode:
Classroom - Instructor Led
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Duration: 5 days
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