Windows XP Professional - Installation and Administration

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In this course, students will build on their knowledge of Windows operating systems and acquire the specific skills required to install, administer, and support Windows XP Professional desktop computers in a workgroup or domain environment.


Managing User Logons

  • Create Local Accounts
  • Modify Local Accounts
  • Set the Logon Method
  • Set Local Logon Security Policies
  • Join an Active Directory Domain
  • Add Domain Groups to Local Groups
  • Determine Effective Policies

Managing File and Print Resources

  • Set File and Folder Permissions
  • Share a Folder
  • Troubleshoot Permissions Assignments
  • Install a Printer
  • Troubleshoot Printing

Managing Network Configuration

  • Configure Dynamic TCP/IP Clients
  • Configure an Alternate TCP/IP Configuration
  • Troubleshoot TCP/IP Network Connectivity
  • Install NWLink
  • Adjust Binding Order
  • Install the Client Service for NetWare
  • Adjust Network Provider Order

Configuring the User Environment

  • Modify the Default User Profile
  • Configure Accessibility Settings
  • Configure Regional Options
  • Store Credentials for Remote Connections
  • Add or Remove Software
  • Configure Environment Variables
  • Add or Remove Windows Components

Supporting Remote Access Users

  • Create an Outbound Connection
  • Share an Internet Connection
  • Create an Incoming Connection
  • Establish a Remote Desktop Session
  • Establish a Remote Assistance Session

Supporting Mobile Users

  • Optimize Power Management Settings
  • Implement a Hardware Profile
  • Configure Folders for Offline Access
  • Configure Clients to Access Files Offline
  • Configure Offline Web Page Access

Securing Data with File Encryption

  • Use File Encryption
  • Add Encrypted File Users
  • Obtain User Certificates Manually
  • Export and Import Certificates
  • Recover Encrypted Files
  • Create a Local Data Recovery Agent

Optimizing Disk Usage

  • Compress Files and Folders
  • Clean Up the Hard Disk
  • Defragment Disks
  • Create Formatted Drives
  • Convert a FAT Partition to NTFS
  • Upgrade a Basic Disk to Dynamic Storage
  • Extend a Simple Volume

Optimizing System Performance

  • Document System Resources
  • Optimize System Resource Use
  • Configure Virtual Memory
  • Optimize the Boot Time
  • Optimize Visual Effects

Managing System Hardware

  • Take a Hardware Inventory
  • Add or Remove Hardware
  • Configure Multiple Display Support
  • Update Device Drivers
  • Configure Driver Signing Verification
  • Troubleshoot Hardware Problems

Safeguarding the System

  • Manage Event Logs
  • Configure System Failure Options
  • Create a Boot Floppy Disk
  • Install the Recovery Console
  • Configure a System Restore Point
  • Back Up User Data
  • Back up the System State Data
  • Prepare for Automated System Recovery (ASR)

Recovering from System Problems

  • Troubleshoot Running Processes
  • Use Event Logs to Diagnose Problems
  • Use Safe Mode Boot Options
  • Use the Last Known Good (LKG) Boot Option
  • Use a Boot Floppy Disk
  • Use Recovery Console
  • Restore the System to a Restore Point
  • Restore User Data
  • Restore System State Data
  • Perform ASR

Installing Windows XP Professional

  • Prepare for Installation
  • Preserve A User State
  • Install Windows XP Professional
  • Update Windows XP Professional
  • Migrate User Settings

Automating Windows XP Professional Installations

  • Create Unattended Setup Files
  • Perform an Unattended Installation
  • Deploy a Prepared Computer
  • Prepare a Computer Image
  • Deploy a Computer Image

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