JBoss Seam Application Development (JB311)

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In this course, students will learn use Seam to integrate and manage increasingly complex IT systems.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to Rapid application development, An industry-standard UI, Java Persistence API (JPA) integration, End-to-end security and Integrated tooling in Red Hat® JBoss Developer Studio.


This course is intended for Enterprise systems architects, Experienced enterprise Java developers, Technical managers and Developers who already have JavaServer Faces (JSF) and basic Seam knowledge.


JBoss Seam Application Development Overview

  • Understand the software used during class and complete basic classroom setup.

10,000-ft. view of Seam

  • Get started with Seam and its various components, and deploy a full-fledged Seam-based web application.

Laying the Seam application foundation

  • Understand the setup and creation of a Seam project through a detailed look at seam-gen and Seam tools utilities.

Building Seam application functionality

  • Understand the Seam runtime, components, contexts, and bi-jection.

Design UI and navigation

  • Understand how JSF works under Seam and how to use RichFaces components to create a rich UI. Also learn how to create application flow and navigation with Seam.

Manage persistence with JPA

  • Understand how Seam uses JPA and JBoss Hibernate® to manage persistence and database connectivity.

Security and validation in a Seam application

  • Secure and validate Seam applications using Seam's built-in frameworks, which also can be leveraged to handle application exceptions and events.

Manage and test a Seam application

  • Understand how to write TestNG tests to validate the operation of a Seam application. Learn how to manage Seam application deployments.

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 4 days
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