Jboss Enterprise SOA (JB431)


In this course, students will learn how to develop and deploy ESB services and providers.


Upon successful completion of this course, students will be able to take the Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in ESB Exam (EX431).


This course is intended for Senior Java EE developers, including enterprise SOA architects.


Overview of SOA-P product

  • Covers the basics of the JBoss® SOA-P product, including the positioning of the ESB within the product, as well as other constituents of the JBoss SOA Platform.

Focus on the ESB

  • Brings together the basics of developing an ESB service - students will deploy a simple service in this module to examine the overall flow of ESB service implementation.


  • In this module, students will examine and deploy an HTTP provider, as well as work with other available providers that are part of the ESB. We will also begin the discussion of transformations with Smooks and XSLT in this module.

Service listeners

  • Students will investigate the use of service listeners for passing messages between providers and actions, and deploy a simple service using the FTP listener.

Service actions

  • Students will deploy rules actions designed to implement business logic and content-based routing in their services. An overview of available, common services is also included in this module, and a brief demonstration of BRMS will be given. This section concludes our discussion on transformation actions as well.

More actions

  • This module focuses on the legacy connector actions—to link a new ESB service to the database via Hibernate, and to an EJB. Additionally, custom actions, which can be used to link to unsupported legacy systems, will be investigated for loading information from a database to enhance the ESB message.

Pass information along

  • In this section, students will take messages from the ESB and pass them on to third-party systems, including an HTTP-based web service running on a separate system. Students will also investigate the uses of Routers and Notifiers, and how these two features compare.

Monitor with JBoss ON

  • In this module, we will demonstrate using JBoss ON to manage, monitor, and even provision ESB services to a SOA-P server.

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Teaching mode: Classroom - Instructor Led
Duration: 2 days
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Service-oriented architecture
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