CompTIA Social Media Security Professional (SMSP)

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Certificate: CompTIA Social Media Security Professional


In this course, students will be prepared to help guide and develop organization’s social media personnel security policy.


This course covers the Social Media Security Professional Common Body of Knowledge and prepares students for the SMSP Certification. Certified SMSPs are the organization's first line of defense from social media security attacks. Upon completion of the SMSP training, students will earn continuing education credits toward CompTIA’s A+, Network+ and Security+.


The Social Media Security Professional course and certification is ideal for individuals who work with social media solutions and have experience in the cyber security space. Candidate job roles include: information security technician, security administrator, security architect, security engineer or any other role that is responsible for information security. This training and certification program is also designed for Information Assurance professionals in Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), Chief Information Officer (CIO) or other roles responsible for developing social media usage policies and education programs for end users.


Social Media Overview

  • Social Media Definitions
  • History of Social Media
  • Social Media Theory
  • Characterization of Social Media Users
  • Social Media Professions

Social Media Typing

  • Identifying Different Types of Social Media
  • Identifying Usage of Social Media Types

Social Media Implementation & Use Cases

  • Public Relations – Affairs & Outreach
  • Marketing
  • Sales
  • Service Support
  • Innovation
  • Community Building – Collaboration
  • Human Resources – Recruiting

Social Media Technical Composition

  • Social Media Capabilities
  • Social Media Hosting Platforms
  • Social Media End User Platforms & Applications
  • Social Media Standards and Protocols

Social Media Risks

  • Understanding Social Media Vulnerabilities & Threats
  • Understanding Social Media Attack Characteristics

Social Media Detection & Protection Strategies

  • Network Perimeter & Social Media Usage
  • Social Media Detection & Protection Components
  • Detection & Protection Approaches:

Social Media Security Settings

  • Applying Social Network Settings
  • Applying Blogging Platform Settings
  • Applying Microblogging Platform Settings

Social Media Incident Response Strategies

  • The Incident Response Process
  • Social Media & Incident Response

Social Media Management

  • Understanding the Social Media IT/Security Policy Framework
  • Understanding Social Media Terms of Service
  • Understanding Privacy Statements / Policy

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Classroom - Instructor Led
Online - Instructor Led
Duration: 3 days
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