WA1625 Web Services Development Using BEA WebLogic Server 10.0

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This course will teach you the theory behind XML schema, WSDL and SOAP. It will proceed to teach you various Java specifications that cover Web Services development (JAX-WS , JAXB and JSR 921).


After completing this course, the student should be able to:
  • Confidently design XML schema and WSDL.
  • Tell the difference between different SOAP styles (document literal, RPC literal etc.)
  • Implement a Web Service using WebLogic Server.
  • Write a Web Services client using standard Java specifications.
  • Register a service in a public or private UDDI registry.
  • Secure web services.
  • Learn the interoperability issues especially with the .NET platform.


J2EE developers who will like to learn about how to build a Web Services based solution. This class covers many advanced topics that will help them build a solution appropriate for a large business. Prerequisites: Java programming. Beginner level knowledge of J2EE and XML.


Introduction To Eclipse/WTP

  • Overview
  • The Eclipse Platform
  • Eclipse 3.0 Java IDE
  • Views, Perspective and Editor Areas
  • Basic Operations with Eclipse Views and Perspectives
  • The Java Perspective
  • The Debug Perspective
  • Navigator View
  • Build and Validation
  • Templates and Code Completion
  • Searching
  • WTP
  • BEA WebLogic Server
  • Summary

Java Enterprise Edition (EE) Overview

  • Objectives
  • Introduction to Java Platform
  • Java Community Process (JCP)
  • Introduction to Java EE
  • Why Move to Java EE
  • Java EE - New and Enhanced Features
  • Java EE Software Packaging
  • Java EE Technologies
  • Summary

Introduction to Web Services

  • Objectives
  • A Conceptual Look at Services
  • Defining Services
  • Service Communication Analogy
  • Three Key Service Questions
  • Connecting the Dots
  • SOA: Runtime Implementation
  • What Is a Web Service?
  • Enterprise Assets as Services
  • Typical Development Workflow
  • Advantages of Web Services
  • Web Service Business Models
  • Example: Internal System Integration
  • Example: Business Process Externalization
  • Binding via SOAP
  • SOAP in Protocol Stack
  • SOAP Structure
  • SOAP Message Architecture
  • Applying SOAP
  • Interface via WSDL
  • WSDL Structure
  • Applying WSDL
  • Locating a Service
  • UDDI Overview
  • UDDI Terminology
  • UDDI Structure
  • Applying UDDI
  • WS-I Overview
  • WS-I Deliverables
  • Summary

XML Programming

  • Objectives
  • XML Overview
  • Data and Document Structure
  • An Employee Document
  • Tags
  • First XML Document
  • Markup Languages
  • What is XML ?
  • Why XML?
  • An Example of XML Document
  • Well-Formed v. Valid XML Document
  • Enforcing Validity: DTDs
  • Presentation Style
  • Sections of an XML Document
  • XML Elements
  • Nesting and Hierarchy of XML Elements
  • Tag Attributes
  • Naming Rules
  • Namespaces
  • Using Namespaces
  • Java API for XML
  • The XML Example
  • Example SAX Handler
  • Example: Begin Parsing
  • Once Again with Namespace
  • Using DOM to Parse
  • With Namespace Enabled
  • Example: Build DOM Document
  • Example: Save DOM Document in a File
  • Persisting XML
  • Summary

Basic XML Schemas

  • What is XML Schema ?
  • Goals of Schema
  • Converting DTDs to Schema
  • Recall: Namespaces
  • The equivalent schema
  • Sample instance document
  • Documents Needed
  • XML Schema Namespaces
  • Link Documents to Schemas
  • Inline element declarations
  • XSchema Data Types
  • XSchema Type Definitions
  • XSchema Simple Data Types
  • Primitive Data Types
  • Simple Types
  • Facet Restrictions on Element Content
  • Using the Facet
  • More Samples
  • Define Simple Element Type
  • Element Declaration
  • Element Occurrence Indicators
  • Complex Type
  • Attribute Declaration
  • Attribute Declarations
  • Occurrence of Attributes
  • Value Constraints on Attributes
  • Sequence Element
  • Element Choices
  • Express any order
  • Annotations


  • Objectives
  • Overview of JAXB
  • Advantages of JAXB
  • XML Parsing APIs
  • Validation using Schemas
  • Java Binding
  • Using JAXB
  • Step 1: Binding XML to a Schema
  • Binding compiler
  • Interfaces and Classes
  • Implementing Classes
  • Step 2: Compiling the files
  • Step 3: Use the generated files
  • Unmarshal
  • To Unmarshal
  • Retrieving data
  • Validation
  • ObjectFactory
  • Generating XML from JAXB
  • Step 1: Bind the schema
  • Step 2: Create the content tree
  • Step 3: Marshall the content tree
  • Marshall the content tree
  • Validation
  • Updating an XML
  • Customizing your application
  • Advantages
  • Summary

JAX-WS Introduction

  • Objectives
  • JAX Attack
  • JAX-WS Origins
  • JAX-WS Architecture and Tools
  • Providing a Service
  • Service Source (Option 1) ...
  • Service Source (Option 1)
  • Service-enabling Java
  • Service Source (Option 2)
  • Calling a Service
  • Client Source (Option 1)
  • Client Source (Option 2) ...
  • Client Source (Option 2)
  • Advanced Features
  • Summary

Declarative service configuration with Java 5

  • Configure Eclipse for Annotat

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This skill has an average salary of
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