WA1513 Enterprise Architecture (EA) Foundation Workshop

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This course provides working knowledge of EA, experience applying frameworks such as Zachman, TOGAF, DoDAF, and EABOK, and awareness of EA implications and how to best support the adoption of EA through changes to people, processes, and technology.


After completing this course students will
  • Gain an understanding of Enterprise Architecture
  • Put the role of the Architect into a business context
  • Understand the importance of identifying, engaging, and leveraging stakeholders
  • Explore AD and understand the purpose of different architectural viewpoints
  • Discuss and explore ADP and the various associated phases
  • Gain hands-on experience working with leading EA frameworks and methodologies


This course is designed for architects who are responsible for system and enterprise architecture of their organization. System Designers and Development Managers can also benefit from this course.


Why Architecture Matters

  • Architects
  • Architects and Architecture
  • Group Discussion
  • Enterprise Architecture Definitions (Wikipedia)
  • More Enterprise Architecture Definitions
  • A Rose By Any Other Name
  • Enterprise, Solution, and Technical Architectures
  • City Planners
  • City Planning and EA
  • Examples of Enterprise Architecture
  • Solution Architecture
  • Examples of Solution Architecture
  • Solution Architecture Example: SOA for Insurance
  • Technical Architecture
  • Examples of Technical Architecture
  • Technical Architecture Example
  • Architecture Is Not Only Design
  • Summary

EA Value Proposition

  • EA Value Proposition
  • Alignment
  • The Value of Alignment
  • Strategic Needs for Architecture
  • EA from Strategy to Technology
  • Tactical EA: IT Yearly Planning
  • Tactical EA: IT as an Investment Portfolio
  • Operational Needs for Architecture
  • Case Study – HUD
  • EA at HUDs SFH Department
  • SFHs Blueprint Definition Process Model
  • Case Study – Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)
  • EA at BCBS
  • Solution Architecture at BCBS
  • BCBS Results
  • Summary

Strategic Architecture

  • Architecture Domains
  • EA Domains
  • Architectural Abstraction Levels
  • Each Abstraction Level Has a Unique Goal
  • Conceptual Architecture Answers the What
  • Conceptual Architecture Example
  • Logical Architecture Answers the How
  • Logical Architecture Example
  • Physical Architecture Answers the With What
  • Physical Architecture Examples
  • Aligning the Enterprise
  • Summary

EA Framework Details

  • Zachman Framework™
  • Zachman Framework –
  • Scope & Business Rows
  • Zachman Framework
  • What is the Zachman Framework?
  • Zachman Framework
  • Framework Rules
  • Zachman Framework: Row 1 Scope/Planner’s View
  • Zachman Framework: Row 2 Enterprise Model/Designer’s View
  • Zachman Framework: Row 3 System Model/Designer’s View
  • Zachman Framework: Row 4 Technology Model/Builder’s View
  • Zachman Framework: Row 5 As Built/Integrator’s View
  • Zachman Framework: Row 6 Functioning Enterprise/Users View
  • Zachman EA Key Points
  • TOGAF™ 9 Enterprise Edition. About The Open Group
  • TOGAF Origins
  • Member (End User) Driven
  • TOGAF Scope
  • TOGAF Goals
  • TOGAF 9 Components
  • TOGAF Capability Framework
  • ADM – Basic Principles
  • Preliminary Phase
  • Phase A Architecture Vision
  • Phase B Business Architecture
  • Business Architecture - Contents
  • Business Architecture - Steps
  • Phase C Information Systems Architectures
  • Data or Applications first ?
  • Phase D Technology Architecture
  • Phase E Opportunities and Solutions
  • Phase F Migration Planning
  • Phase G Implementation Governance
  • Phase H Architecture Change Management
  • Summary

EA Frameworks and Methodologies

  • The Importance of a Framework for EA
  • EA Framework Family Tree
  • Zachman Framework
  • Zachman Framework Example
  • The Scope of the Zachman Framework
  • Zachman Framework Strengths and Weaknesses
  • TOGAF™
  • TOGAF Architecture Model
  • Architectural Development Methodology
  • TOGAF Artifact Example
  • TOGAF Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Federal Enterprise Architectural Framework (FEAF)
  • FEAF Models
  • FEAF Artifact Example –
  • DRM
  • FEAF Strengths and Weaknesses
  • DoDAF / MoDAF
  • DoDAF Views
  • Integrated Views
  • DoDAF Example – Operational View (OV)
  • MoDAF Views
  • DoDAF / MoDAF Strengths and Weaknesses
  • TRAK
  • TRAK Architecture Perspectives
  • Other Aspects of TRAK
  • TRAK Strengths and Weaknesses
  • Which Framework is Right for Your Organization?
  • Summary

Architecture Principles

  • EA Principles: Definition
  • Categories of Principles – 1/2
  • Categories of Principles – 2/2
  • EA Principles: They are Essential
  • EA Principles in the Wild – 1/2
  • EA Principles in the Wild – 2/2
  • Components of EA Principles
  • Qualities of Principles
  • EA Principles: Creation Process
  • Applying Architecture Principles
  • Business Principle: TOGAF Example – 1/2
  • Business Principle: TOGAF Example – 2/2
  • Data Prin

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