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Gooroo is an intelligent workforce planning and advanced people analytics platform. Helping you prepare now to adapt and compete in a technologically-driven future.

Gooroo can help with:

43% of bad hires are made because a position needed to be filled quickly. ‘Cost of a bad
hire -Infographic’

Match your requirements with the best talent.

Screen and rank all candidates based on their skills and predictive contribution to your role.

A more informed and faster recruitment process, reducing hiring risks and probability of a bad hire.

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45% of bad hires are attributed to the screening & assessment phase prior to interview.

2015 Brandon Hall Group, ‘The
True Cost of a Bad Hire’

Evaluating the talent opportunity.

Match people that are more likely to fit with the team and perform in their role.

Obtain a deep understanding of each applicant and their alignment to the role prior to interview.

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As many as 63% of employers say that bad hires failed to work well with other employees. -
‘True cost of a bad hire’

Growing your own talent pool and team.

Use our intelligent benchmarking guides, and deep individual and group reporting to assess and uncover the potential in your existing teams.

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Supporting and partnering with leading companies to compete and thrive.

  • “Gooroo's world-leading matching and assessment technology goes beyond technical capability and allows us to understand how they think, handle challenges and grow.”
    Michelle Ridsdale of Readify

    Michelle Ridsdale
    People Director

  • “The Gooroo platform enables us to gain a deeper understanding of our candidates and make recommendations more confidently to our clients to help de-risk their hiring decision.“
    Lincoln Benbow of Halcyon Knights

    Lincoln Benbow

  • “Our business is about bringing great people together to service our customers. Talent is paramount to Kinetic IT. The automation technology Gooroo provides will enable greater insights to assist us to work more efficiently and with great precision.“
    Michael North of Kinetic

    Michael North
    Chief Executive Officer

  • “We have utilised psychometric tools in the past but found the results too shallow and generic to be of any value. We needed more sophisticated technology to extract information that would facilitate our decision-making, instead of being just a "cosmetic" supplement. Gooroo stood out to us as the most insightful tool that was truly fit for our purpose.“
    Georgina Parker of xPand

    Georgina Parker
    Country Manager Singapore

  • KPMG
  • kineticIT
  • Readify
  • Tin Alley Beta
  • xPand
  • Halcyon Knights

Gooroo Mindspace measures and evaluates human potential by employing Artificial Consciousness (AC), Neuroscience and Machine Learning.

Based on over 40 years of demographic, psychographic and sociological dynamic research, Mindspace evaluates the thinking patterns of people against key performance measures, identifying who is most likely to succeed and fit with your team.

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Questions? We have answers.

What is different and unique about Gooroo's approach?

Without any previous knowledge or training, the Gooroo platform helps to define the person you need to hire and dynamically screen candidates, removing the need for a CV.

Gooroo assesses the dimensions of expertise, experience and engagement required for each role and matches these requirements to a list of individual applicants. A complex algorithm, driven by artificial intelligence, analytics and applied neuroscience is used to predict the best applicant for a specific role and team.

Gooroo processes help to reduce unconscious bias and promote diversity in the workplace.

What methodology does Gooroo use?

The Gooroo methodology relies on contributions from both the individual and employer. It combines the detailed analysis of team and role requirements with behavioural and skill assessments of individuals.

  • Deep neural networks and data science are used to assess the level of skill alignment to a role
  • Natural language processing is used to interpret priority and emphasis across requirements, skills and reporting
  • Behavioural questionnaires are used to determine life, work and behavioural preferences of both individuals, teams and cultures
  • Machine learning is used to further refine the reliability of datasets and the accuracy of matching systems

The Gooroo methodology is focused on finding the highest potential contributor and most capable technology thinker in the context of a specific role and company.

How can I use Gooroo with my existing candidate database?

The quickest and easiest way to enrich your candidate database is to use Gooroo’s Assessment module. The platform lets you easily identify the list of candidates in your database that you’d like assesses and invite them to complete assessments.

Alternatively, you may wish to conduct a project that integrates your database directly with Gooroo (via an API or similar web service). Depending on how the integration is designed, you will be able to invite them from your database or via a database search from within Gooroo.

How does Gooroo help high performing teams?

Gooroo’s assessment tools also allow you to evaluate your team and to establish benchmarks that ensure that the role being hired for will positively contribute to the performance of your team. Gooroo measures across the dimensions of expertise (knowledge, skills, attitudes in specific techniques and technologies), experience (formal and accumulated competence established from past work, education and training); and engagement (behaviours that an individual brings to bring energy, effort and passion).

Why are Gooroo’s assessment questions so short?

Gooroo’s Mindspace suite of scientific tools represent the only platform of its kind that has been written to specifically assess employment potential and fit. While other profiling and assessment systems have been designed for other purposes and contexts. This results in focus of limited scope - and a theory base limited in relevance to the originally intended purpose. Gooroo assessments rely on much lower question count. This means results can be achieved with less questions, reducing fatigue and drop-off. During the job application process, only 18 questions are asked which takes about 2 minutes to complete.

Can the assessment be cheated?

No, Gooroo can identify if a survey is being completed inaccurately.

Candidates have no possible way of discerning what skills, thinking styles and requirements are more or less important for the role. With this in mind, candidates are encouraged to complete all assessments accurately as poor responses will work against their immediate and future chances of being considered for a role.

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Gooroo in the news.

  • Global Microsoft Alliance Partner Microsoft
  • 2017 Innovation of the Year iAWARDS
  • Industry leader - as seen on: SKY News Business
  • “Gooroo’s future includes going beyond the IT sector and addressing one of the biggest challenges facing the country — workforce reskilling.”

    “Gooroo wants to know how your brain works to find the best job you’ll thrive in now — but also as both you and the employer grow.”


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