Temi Lajumoke

Software engineer and technical writer|Full stack .Net developer | Microsoft certified professional and C# specialist  | Guitarist

Full stack software developer and Microsoft Certified Professional, with special interests in .NET and other mobile and web technologies. Loves working on progressively challenging projects and with more diverse team members or clients, building whatever adds value,  beginning from first principles, and innovating from there on.  "Gooroo community thought leader" at Gooroo.

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Articles by Temi

  1. Custom user roles and role-based authorization in ASP.NET core

    I've recently been trying to contribute to the developer community, in more ways than I previously have. One of the areas I decided to delve into, is spending more time on tech forums and resources like StackOverflow.  Well not for asking questions or checking for answers, but more for answering as many questions as I possibly can. The aim is to provide answers primarily to questions budding developers are asking. so Let's hope I do a lot of that as time goes on. Hey, I might...
  2. Creating Custom Error Pages in ASP.NET core 1.0

    Okay, so you’ve probably come across tons of broken links on our enormous world wide web, and it gets even more frustrating when there aren’t any links or buttons redirecting to a working page. However, the hard truth is, in reality, errors are inevitable. Whether they occur through wrong user input, or simply just one or two bugs in your code, they are simply just inevitable.This article explains perhaps the most efficient way to set up custom error pages for your ASP.NET core web Application. Using...
  3. Using response compression in ASP.NET Core 1.1

    Modern browsers support multiple compression schemes such as deflate and gzip. Using this nifty feature in your web application can contribute greatly to an improved overall user experience. In this article, we'll discuss response (gzip) compression, it's benefits and how to implement it in your ASP.NET core web application. Response compression is an effective way to improve the efficiency of any website. It helps reduce bandwidth use and dramatically speeds up your website's load time...
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