Suprabhat Das

CS Undergrad | Multipotentialite

Kolkata (WB, India)

Suprabhat Das is majorly a Computer Software Developer and a Professional in copious other computer-related fields. His ebullient interest in the magic machine invented by Babbage has constantly given him the drive to not only know more about its functioning but also work diligently toward the fructification of its operations.As a vehement student, he believes in the principle of gathering knowledge- all he can attain irrespective of the source- remaining an avid learner throughout his life. In his first score of years, he has not only managed to rubber-stamp a place for himself in the fields that piqued his interests but has also contributed greatly towards their betterment. His hard work and zeal are primarily the most considerable traits that deserve being eulogized for whatever success he has mustered and will assemble, to date and beyond. Added on, is the alacrity to remain devoted, determined and focused on doing what he loves- programming and designing.With more than 45 internships in less than three years, Suprabhat has been a constant worker under many well-renowned companies like CSIR - Central Drug Research Institute, Robotsavam, Entrepreneurship Development & Research Council of India, etc. He has been assigned as the Campus Ambassador for Amity University, Kolkata, where he is currently doing his third year of graduation as a Bachelor of Technology under the program of CSE.WowMio, Awign, Twenty19, HackerEarth and IEM Model United Nations are some of the prominent companies where Suprabhat has represented his university as an esteemed ambassador. As a Student Ambassador, he has been delegated by Intel Nervana.In cryptography, Suprabhat is certified as CUE and CPE. Google has as well recognized him for earning an Achievement based on his knowledge of Google Web Designing as he successfully cleared the Assessment that portrayed his product expertise. He has also been a Microsoft Innovative Educator doing justice with his promising ideology of helping peers and others in learning and teaching.Taking forward his passion to the next level altogether, Suprabhat Das has also founded TeamCognito as his latest venture along with two other partners. The company aims at being a responsive Website Designing platform serving and helping both established and start-up businesses. Logo Designing, Custom PHP/ backend support providing, Content Writing, Professional Security Services are few of the salient features offered by the aiding company to assist the client at every stage of the software development lifecycle.As an ardent helper-for-all by nature, Suprabhat has also showcased his bounteousness by openhandedly providing services as a Graphics Designer to innumerable Non-Governmental Organizations in India like Sapne- a Delhi-based foundation and Eride where he worked as a Digital Marketing Intern. He has volunteered at HelpAge India as a Social Worker for creating awareness and assisting in raising funds for the care of the elderly, irrespective of different social stigmas for which he was even certified by the same. Donating Blood Stem Cells has also been another of his benevolent acts for Datri Foundation helping patients with blood disorders.To finally talk about some of his fun activities, as a normal 20-year old, Suprabhat is a voracious reader and a die-hard Agatha Christine fan. He enjoys brainstorming on Jigsaw puzzles, Sudoku, Rubik’s cube and Crosswords. He is an athlete, a swimmer and a football lover with Lionel Messi as his golden player of all times. As a sketcher, he even owns a repository of doodles and Kohl sketches. Under Creative Image Box, Suprabhat has also been an active Content Writer.Despite having a long list of goals to achieve academically Suprabhat is a proud universal citizen. He is an expert in negotiating time to allocate enough for sustaining his personal, professional and spiritual lives. His modus operandi for functioning includes spending time with family, friends and Science journals on a regular basis in order to fulfill his target of dreaming big and making it bigger.A thought he preaches: “Think global. Act local.” His success mantra: “Be a trend-setter rather than being a trend-follower."

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Articles by Suprabhat

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    Philosopher Nick Bostrom, director of the Future of Humanity Institute at Oxford University in his 'Simulation Argument' stated "Humanity is literally living in a computer simulation. Instead of having brains in vats that are fed by sensory inputs from a simulator, the brains themselves would also be part of the simulation. It would be one big computer program simulating everything, including human brains down to neurons and synapses." (Kuhn, n.d.)A few of the instances of Programming in daily life...
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