Mobeen Rashid

Software Engineer and Author | Microsoft Certified Professional and Specialist in C# | Full stack .Net web developer

Lahore (PB, Pakistan)

Student, Full Stack .Net Developer and want to be a MVP(Microsoft Most Value able Professional)

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Articles by Mobeen

  1. .Net Regular Expressions Demystified Part 1

    In very simple terms we can say that"regular expression is a group of characters that defines a pattern" and using that pattern we find out specific information that we required in our caseSo the regular expressions are nothing but a group of characters that have special meanings to regular expression engine which is already installed in .Net framework and represented by System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex .My goal in this article is to give you a basic understanding of regular expressions in very...
  2. Tips for writing clean and best code in C#

    In this article, we will discuss some very cool tips for writing clean and concise in C# code for more maintainability and understanding. We’ll discuss how we can write few lines of code to do the same job instead of writing extra line of code.These little tips and habits really matters a lot when your application starts growing and you want to organize your code in best possible way you want so that other team members can understand your code easily.Inline logics evaluate and return result with...
  3. Visual Studio: Creating and managing digital certificates in C#

    Digital Certificates are used for secure communication between two parties. In digital certification we ensure that the peoples who are using our apps or services are securely communicating with each other and those peoples can be individual consumers or businesses.In Digital Certification we use both Hashing and Asymmetric encryption for creating digital signatures.After encrypting the hash of data we obtain a digital signature later which is used for verification of data.
  4. Controlling Pointers in C#

    If you want to learn from scratch, then first you should read my article Pointers and Unsafe Code in C#: everything you need know on  Gooroo Think because this article is continuation from there. But if you already have fair knowledge about pointer and writing unsafe code in C# then you are ready to go from here.So here comes the fun part, in this article we are going to do more cool stuff with pointers. If you are defining and pointing your pointers, then for sure somewhere you will be manipulating...
  5. Pointers and Unsafe Code in C#: everything you need to know

    “Pointer is a variable which contains memory address of another variable”In very short terms we can say that a “pointer is a memory address”. The address that a pointer variable holds directly points to value stored in memory and that value is assigned to another variable which is not a pointer. That’s why we call them pointers because they point, they point to a value, they point because they have address to point.
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