Kevin Logan

Husband, Father and Software Engineer

Sioux Falls (SD, United States)

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Articles by Kevin

  1. Karma Test Results with TFS Build

    Our team has been using JasmineJs for unit testing our client side JavaScript code. We now have over 3,000 tests! In order to run these tests on multiple browsers we use Karma, the "Spectacular Test Runner for JavaScript" created by people from Google to run all our tests on multiple browsers. We are also using Microsoft's TFS Build (which is leaps and bounds improved over the old XAML build system) to run our tests in Gated Check ins, create build artifacts (dlls, installers, Azure...
  2. Re-thinking Customer Expectations

    Please visit me at read this at my new blog 2004 van broke down on the way to New Years/Christmas celebration at my parent’s home. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was a good spot to have troubles [* – see bellow]. We were just off the interstate by a gas station on a Wednesday morning and my Dad was only 20 minutes away. The heater stopped working and the engine was smoking. I have 3 children under 8 and it was 20 degrees out, so having no heat was concerning (but not threatening)....
  3. Economics, Agile and .Net Rocks

    I was commuting to work last week a couple of weeks ago a couple of months ago (it took me a long time to get this article finished :-)) across the South Dakota plains so I had some extra time. I enjoy only seeing a few cars every mile. This is another reason I enjoy SD and do not desire to move to a large city.[Screen shot from Bing Maps]Better yet, from the bike trail on my 4 or 8.5 mile (depending where I work for that day) ride in February.I enjoyed listening to DotNetRocks - The Economics, Psychology...
  4. Https Redirect with Asp.Net Core RC2 And Kestrel on Windows

    June 1, 2016I've learned a lot about Asp.Net Core RC2, Kestrel and ports as I failed in various attempts to get a http to https redirect. I share this as a retrospective for myself and in hopes of helping you avoid the swamp and to stay on the narrow road.Update: This approach works with the 1.0 release of Asp.Net Core as well as RC2.Host Asp.Net with Kestrel without IIS for an internal app. I'd like to hit the machine at http://machine-name/ and get redirected to a login at https://machine-name...
  5. Avoid ClickJacking in ASP.Net Core 1.0

    I recently received the status report of a penetration test of my ASP.Net Core 1.0 MVC site done by our IT team. They used Rapid 7s vulnerability/penetration testing tool called [Nexpose](]. I wish I had known about it before I thought I was “done” (I haven’t written code for it for a few weeks, it has been tested and is ready to deploy), but that’s a different story. I should be doing this testing as I develop, not just at the end.One of...
  6. 70-354 Study notes

    I recently took and passed the 70-354 test. I was able to "skip" over the first C# test by completing the Tech Rewards that prompted me to create my app Eratosthenes Library Management (which is still pretty basic), get Tech Reward points and then after passing 70-354 get "A Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C# certification". This was a very cool way to get some certification credit and I actually built an app and put it into the store, instead of just reading and taking...
  7. Moving a Cloud App to a different Azure Resource Group

    I used the new Visual Studio Team Services buils to deploy to an Azure CloudService web app. It created the web app automatically for me, but was put into a default resource group. I wanted to move it to the resource goup I had defined for other parts of the system. I found out that it can’t be done through the Azure PortalI’m new to using PowerShell to manage Azure and had to go through several blogs and steps to move my resource.I started my journey by finding this article (
  8. Edit DRAFT Edit

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