Imrul Emon

A technology passionate IT Professional who loves working in challenging environment. Specialization in Microsoft Messaging  and Unified Communication technologies, Microsoft Active Directory, CISCO VCS,Office365, Symantec.Cloud, Symantec Enterprise Vault ,Veritas  Enterprise Vault Discovery.Cloud ,Skype for Business Hybrid,Yammer                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Sydney (NSW, Australia)

To work as a part of  Consulting / IT Operation team in  a dynamic challenging environment

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Articles by Imrul

  1. Skype for Business 2016 client issue with Cisco VCS

    Hello All,Recently I worked on an interesting issue I would like to share with the community:Issue: We are piloting Office2016 to a bunch of user  who reported that any audio/video call made to Cisco VC unit  using  SfB 2016 client was getting disconnected..I grabbed the sip  client log of the affected user while trying to reproducing the issue and after analysing the log,  I could see "Invalid ICS Attribute in offer" meaning VCS was not accepting...
  2. Global Catalog replication issue impacting Lync User activation

    I work in an Organization that's globally dispersed having geographic AD sites, DC.s, GCs Recently I came across an interesting issue where I was not able to enabale users for Lync using Lync management shell/ Lync Control Panel. Get-csuser cmdlet was throwing errors. This cmdlet pulls the information from GC (Global Catalog). Using wireshark, we captured the network traffic to identify the Global Catalog server that the on premise Lync server was trying to communicate. The Lync server...
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