Goran Efremov

Software developer, Lifelong learner

Skopje (AR, Macedonia)

Enthusiastic, responsible and committed engineer with 8+ years of experience designing, implementing and adapting technically sophisticated applications using Microsoft technologies. Happy to be part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team.

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Articles by Goran

  1. Scheduled SharePoint workflows

    I have created a custom list called Reclamations with a few new columns:The purpose is to send an email to the responsible people 2 days before the expiration date. There are quite a few solutions to accomplish this task. Some of them involve another list with calculated column, custom timer job, SQL Server Agent, Windows Task Scheduler, PowerShell script …But I am a fan of simple solutions. All you need is one-step declarative workflow (created with SharePoint Designer) and a workflow scheduler....
  2. Retrieve list items from a SharePoint list

    Returning items from a SharePoint list is very simple task so this article is going to be one of the shortest I have written. You can use GetItemById() method to return a single list item or GetItems(CamlQuery) to return multiple items. CAML or Collaborative Application Markup Language is an XML-based language that is used to define the fields and views that are used in sites and lists. Passing an undefined CamQuery object to the GetItems method will return all of the items in the list.The next code...
  3. Creating a Timer Job in SharePoint, complete guide

    Timer jobs are tasks that run at a scheduled time. Just like MSSQL Server Agent jobs, which executes different database task, SharePoint uses timer jobs to maintain or monitor the server farm. If you have the curiosity bug and want to see the timer jobs that are on your server then go to SharePoint Central Administration, select Monitoring from the menu and in the Timer Jobs section click on Review job definitions. Depending on your SharePoint edition and your web applications you can have quite...
  4. Creating custom entry forms for task list

    This is the first post from a series of posts related to lists in SharePoint and what we can do with them. I will start with creating a simple task list, edit and add columns, create custom view and create custom entry forms for the list.My task list named Maintenance should have the following columns:Open the site where you want to have your task list and from Settings select Add an app.Figure 1. Add an appFrom the gallery of available apps select Tasks, enter the name of the task list (in my case...
  5. Edit DRAFT Edit

    • updated