Gilbert Joseph Smith III

IT Services Professional - Web Developer

Chicago (IL, United States)

Cyber Security Analyst (CCNA Cyber Ops / CCENT | MCSA / MCP | Network / Mobility / Help Desk) verify - (formerly Spectrum Solutions and Services)   Illinois State University Greater Chicago Area  231 231 connectionsCisco trained cybersecurity professional, industry certified IT professional and network technician with the following experience:* Cisco Certified Networking Associate Cyber Ops (CCNA - Cyber Ops) * Successfully Completion - Cisco Global Cybersecurity Scholarship - Understanding Cisco Cybersecurity Fundamentals SECFND 210-250 and Implementing Cisco Cybersecurity Operations SECOPS 210-255* 18 years freelance desktop and support* 5 years commercial desktop and network support* 2 years server and network support* 2 years call center and help desk support* 2 years office administration and technical client liaison* 2 years open-source community web development self-studyAccustomed to company cultures of multinational as well as mid-sized organizations. Pursuing a career in cybersecurity analysis and operations or information security. Skilled:Cryptography, Windows & Linux OS Security, Network Concepts, Security Concepts, Security Monitoring, Host-Based Analysis, Attack Methods & Vectors, Endpoint Threat Analysis & Computer Forensics, Network Intrusion Analysis, Threat Protection during Attack Continuum, Incident Analysis & Response, Cyber Kill Chain & Diamond Models, Data and Event Analysis, Malicious Activity Identification, Event Correlations & Normalization, Incident Handling, Security Incident Investigation, Metasploit, Security Onion, Kali Linux, ELSA, Squil, Squert, BRO, ELK, CapMe, Wireshark, IDS, NIDS, IPS, NSM Tools & Data, CSIRT, VERIS, CVSS, SIEM, SOC Operation & Playbook, Metrics, Automation, WMS.Experienced: Technical Consultation, Network Administration, IT Support, Help Desk Support, Computer Maintenance, Desktop Computers, Mobile Devices, Networking Equipment, Printers and Peripherals, Ticketing, Troubleshooting, Client Liaison, Customer Support, Sales.Aspiring: Web and Software Development, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Bootstrap, Git, Node js, Express js, Angular js, MongoDB, Mongoose, Source Control Management, DevOps.

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