Stuart Dobson

.net Developer

Melbourne (VIC, Australia)

A long history of development skills starting with Blitz Basic on the Amiga and spanning the life of the web. MCP since 2005 and now Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer in Web Applications. I'm obsessed with Azure and specialise in MVC, Azure, Web API, Mobile, and Entity Framework, working as a lead developer on several large MVC projects, including a couple of my own.

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Articles by Stuart

  1. How to Be an Organised Developer (and spend more time coding!)

    As a developer your main focus is to write code. But over time, you'll find that there is a lot more to development than this. If you're not aware of this, you might one day wake up and realise that the notepad file you used for passwords and connection strings has gotten out of hand.Being more organised from the start can help keep you focussed on coding and help you stay more efficient. If you move jobs you'll pick up a lot of information in the first few weeks, you'll want to organise it well...
  2. Hololens: What Kind of Applications Can We Build?

    I’m so excited about Hololens. Its creative potential is huge. There are a wide variety of applications we can develop for it.I believe the demos shown so far are barely scratching the surface of what we can do with the Hololens. Once the imagination of the development community warms up, and its abilities are clear, we’re going to see world changing ideas. Industries will be turned upside down, lives will be changed, and millionaires will be made.Of course, I’m speculating on what it can and can’t...
  3. Why Bother With Unit Tests?

    I still see a lot of scepticism on WHY we should do Unit Tests and if they're really worth it.Of course, they usually add time to the development cycle. They can be hard to create. Quite often, they seem pointless; Why do I need to check if my TwoTimesTwo() method returns 4? Of course it's going to!Well, the benefits of Unit Tests may not always be obvious. Often they're disconnected from the problems caused by not doing them. For example, a manager is not likely to blame a Production issue on the...
  4. Developing for the Cloud - A Crash Introduction

    When you create a web application for the cloud, there are many things that need to be done differently. It's not just a case of saying "I'm doing cloud" and all you're really doing is putting it on someone else's VM. Doing this, the costs are much higher than if the application is designed with cloud in mind. This might be fine from an infrastructure point of view, but the cloud can have profound impacts on development from the ground up.Azure allows us, and also forces us, to engineer...
  5. Creating Value: The Key to Innovation

    Creating is to bring about something new. The act of creating involves integrating two or more concepts together to create a new idea.Value is typically that which adds value to one’s life, whether that be an individual, a group, or the whole of society. Values are benefits, improvements, they alleviate suffering, reduce cost, increase availability.So how do we go about creating values?You don’t need to be creative to create values. But you do need to utilize certain skills.Given that values are...
  6. Nuget Like a Boss

    Not doing this means you check in the packages which are huge. This is annoying and kind of defeats the purpose of Nuget. When you ignore (and therefore don't check in) your packages folder, anyone getting your source code can run package restore on the solution and Nuget will download the packages automatically.First, add a file named .tfignore. This may require some Command prompt renaming as some set ups don't like files beginning with a dot. When you get past this annoyance, open the file in...
  7. Edit DRAFT Edit

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