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Community Development Manager
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Basis: Full-time

Gooroo is not just a way that tech talent finds their home and drives their career, it is a community that brings together both next generation thinkers and experienced market leaders. It is this community that requires nurturing, innovation and visibility.

Role Description

In this role the team will come to count on you for your consistency and commitment to community engagement & growth. We will be looking to you to drive, execute and create opportunities for stronger bonds, better content and meaningful experiences. You will be regarded as the voice of the Gooroo brand and the spokesperson of its community.

This is a break through position for the Tech Industry Globally, growing and serving a community with a level of engagement and credibility that will continuously strive to be industry leading. You will take on steep learning curves and have the ability to quickly systematize ways of serving community needs, faster and more consistently while continuously driving a better return on investment and effort.

It is expected that you will bring strong communication skills, a depth of experience and exposure to social / outreach channels and a passion for service. You will need to develop clear systems & processes to reliably execute through your growing team of collaborators.

You will work hard on your relationships with highly experienced team members who will be actively involved in contributing to your success.

As the central customer touch point of the business your regular communication is critical to keep the team moving forward, maintain momentum and enable superior customer experiences.

You will be closest to the Commercial & Product Teams who will count on you to reliably execute, implement & communicate customer expectation. Your solid working relationship, open & effective communication and prioritisation skills are critical to making this relationship hum.

As a dependable source of information, help and guidance, we will always be looking for ways that we can upscale the relationship.

Success in this role will be based on the foundation that you build with customers and team & evidenced by:

  • The size and stickiness of the community you build
  • The level of sales and sales leads generated via conversations and campaigns
  • The delivery and over delivery of customer expectations
  • The progressive manner in which customer engagement is achieved and improved upon
  • The reliable & consistent delivery of performance reports
  • The reduction of noise & increase in ease of doing business
  • The level of integrated effort across the team
  • The appropriate elevation & timely resolution of issues and roadblocks
  • The level of shared knowledge & access to enabling knowledge in the team

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