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About the Gooroo Ambassador Program

The Gooroo Ambassador Program (GAP) allows you to be rewarded for taking the time to share your knowledge with the Gooroo community. All you need to do is join Gooroo as a member and write interesting, relevant and informative articles for your peers in the tech community.

Don't be shy, every one has something worthwhile to share and there's no such thing as a wrong opinion. Comments will be moderated and trolling won't be accepted. We're all friends here.


The GAP compensation schedule is simple. The more unique views your article receives, the more money you make as a reward for your awesome work. Rewards are paid in US Dollars.

  • $50
    reward for 1,500
    unique views
  • +$150
    reward for 5,000
    unique views
  • +$200
    reward for 10,000
    unique views
  • +$400
    reward for 20,000
    unique views
  • +$1,000
    reward for 50,000+
    unique views

So that means you could earn up to $1,800 for each article you publish!

Don't bother trying to cheat the system. We have tools in place to catch out artifical page hits and those trying to get money for nothing will be disqualified from the program.

Why bother though when you have such a great knowledge to share and audience ready to hear what you say? Plus, we'll help get you started by sharing your articles too!

You will receive a special badge to symbolize Ambassador status

Wherever your photo is shown we will also display an Ambassador badge, symbolizing your special status.

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Terms & Conditions

Ambassador Status is by application only and awarded on merit. Ambassador status recognizes an individual's experience and knowledge within your field(s) of expertise. So that we can complete a fair assessment of all applicants, it is strongly recommended that you update your Gooroo Bio within 7 days of application.

  1. The content you prepare must be relevant to a tech professional, be of practitioner quality, factual, informative and educational, where possible.
  2. Any articles you publish that include an overt sales or promotional nature are not acceptable. This includes the obvious use of brandmarks and/or links that direct the reader to a product/service you are promoting/selling.
  3. Unless you are authorized to do so, don't copy other people's work or expose personal information. Respect the copyright that they own and their privacy.
  4. We will review all published articles for appropriateness and at our sole discretion we will remove an article from live publication if it does not meet these guidelines. If you do not comply, then we may permanently remove the offending article, or all your articles, and suspend your status.
  5. Each month we will track unique views to determine the compensation amount achieved and if applicable, process a payment to you. Our analysis of the traffic you have received is final.
  6. Views must be genuine and unique and must not be artificially increased through the use of tools or bots to generate false traffic. If you are found to be manipulating traffic directly or indirectly to increase hits, you will be immediately disqualified from the program.
  7. You will have a period of up to six (6) months from the date of publication of each article to achieve your rewards.
  8. We will recognize the first two (2) articles you publish each calendar month.
  9. You must submit a minimum of one (1) article per quarter to maintain Ambassador status.
  10. You must tag your article with relevant tags in order for users to find your content. This will also drive organic traffic to your article.
  11. We will promote your articles to generate traffic to the page.
  12. You may share and promote articles across social media and your own channels to drive traffic to your GoorooThink article.
  13. If you write on other blog or other channel, we advise you to include just an excerpt on these sites and direct the reader to GoorooThink to read the full article. Only those hits to your article on GoorooThink will be counted for compensation.
  14. Articles you publish will be added to your Gooroo Bio.
  15. We will publish a Gooroo Ambassador badge to your Bio. You should keep your Bio up to date as readers of your articles will be able to link to it.
  16. We need to be able to adjust the compensation schedule and terms of this program at any time. Any complete articles you have published live prior to any change will be subject to the active compensation schedule at the time the article was published.
  17. We will not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential or special damages caused from your use of, someone else's use of or the availability of the GoorooThink service.
  18. Incentives do not apply to articles published that do not meet these guidelines or suspended/disqualified or deleted accounts.
  19. Incentives apply to the first article published after the confirmation of the status has been issued in an email by Gooroo.
  20. Incentives are calculated in US Dollars, inclusive of GST if any, foreign exchange fees and any other applicable taxes or duties. For authors resident in Australia, we calculate the Australian dollar equivalent amount based on the exchange rates published monthly by the Australian Tax Office.
  21. Joining GAP no way confers that you will become an employee of Gooroo. We will request that you send us an invoice so that we can pay any amounts owing to you.
  22. Our objective is to build an active community of contributors. Ambassador status will be reviewed quarterly. If your status is removed, any articles you publish prior to the date of your removal will be calculated at the Ambassador rate.
  23. If your status is removed, you must re-apply and be accepted before compensation will begin.

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    My 14 year old son made an interesting observation the other day. When I asked him about possible future careers that he might be interested in, one that definitely wasn’t on the cards was IT. When I asked him about it he said that he wasn’t sure why anyone would choose a career from the outset where everything you learned became irrelevant so quickly and that if you weren’t constantly studying, you were likely to end up unemployed.Is IT a lifelong career?He also pointed out that as far as he could...
  2. Why Microsoft is so bullish about cloud, even though it’s only a fraction of total IT spend?

    It came as quite a surprise to me to read an reports, including this one from Gartner ( , that indicated that cloud spending was at around 210 billion in 2016 out of a total IT spend of around 3.5 trillion dollars ( was I surprised? Mostly because Microsoft seems to be relentlessly banging the drum about the future being all cloud and that on-premises IT was on a path to irrelevance and extinction. Listen to...
  3. Deploy ASP.NET Core Application On EC2 Amazon Linux Instance

    IntroductionASP.NET Core is an open-source and cross-platform framework to develop Web Applications and mobile back-end. ASP.NET Core, being a cross-platform framework, provides flexibility to develop and run applications on Windows, Linux and Mac.There are multiple ways to deploy an application on AWS EC2 Linux instance. I will post about AWS code pipeline, which can be used to automate the deployment process and install an Application on EC2 instance, some other day. Now, we will focus on deploying...
  4. Write Serverless Functions Using AWS Lambda And C#

    What is Serverless Framework?Serverless Framework refers to building a stateless function that does not have a dependency on base operating systems or hardware resources. It lets developer focus on building stateless functions without worrying about how to provision and scale resourcesServerless functions are stateless, event-driven, and executed in container. With Serverless functions, you are charged per the "Pay As You Go" Model (PAYG), i.e., you don't have to pay for idle resources. You only...
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    I've been using Visual Studio 2017 since the earliest bits were available and I can confidently say, I'm a fan and highly recommend you give it a shot if you get a chance.With that being said, sometimes new features can cause things to blow up and this post is going to be discussing one of those such features, namely Lightweight Solution Load.Recently, I opened up a decently sized solution (~9 projects) and everything seemed in order. All of my dependencies were there, with no warning signs to be...
  6. How to Build a Personal Brand

    I have been freelancing as a software developer and architect for almost two years now and I have got a lot of valuable experiences from it. The reason I was able to start being my own boss was a combination of things, but it was in large part due to a personal brand I have built up. I had for a long time been doing several things to build a brand that is me, but is also recognizable and opens doors in the right places. In this article I will describe some of the things that enabled me to do what...
  7. Sharing is Caring: Using Shared Projects in ASP.NET

    As software developers, copy-pasting some code or a few files and having it in multiple places has always been smelly. There are several different avenues that you can take to avoid this kind of redundancy, but this post will focus on one that it seems isn’t talked about too often: Shared Projects.Prior to the introduction to Shared Projects, I’ll briefly go over why Shared Projects themselves were introduced, and how you might have accomplished similar behavior before their release.With the major...
  8. Glyphfriend 2.1 Released! Now with Library Filtering

    It hasn't been too long since the latest 2.0 release of Glyphfriend, but with the release of Visual Studio 2017 coming around the corner, there were a few things that could use some improvement and polishing off before then.Message received, loud and clear.All of the changes that were made to make the extension more flexible actually resulted in it being more noisy. Glyphfriend would just serve everything it knew about. This has generally been regarded as a bad move, and thus library filtering is...
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    I worked in a 9-5 job for almost 15 years and you get used to "clocking on" and "clocking off". When you are off work, you go home (or somewhere else) and work takes a backseat until the next work day. Being a freelancer, you have the freedom to plan your own day, your own week, your own month. You are in charge, but you will find that some days you have to work 14 hours, because you might have paid work, you need to quote on upcoming work, you are having lunch with a new connection, you are responding...
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    In very simple terms we can say that"regular expression is a group of characters that defines a pattern" and using that pattern we find out specific information that we required in our caseSo the regular expressions are nothing but a group of characters that have special meanings to regular expression engine which is already installed in .Net framework and represented by System.Text.RegularExpressions.Regex .My goal in this article is to give you a basic understanding of regular expressions in very...
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