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  1. Why IT people are ambivalent about recruiters

    When I ask colleagues in the IT industry what they think about recruiters, responses range from studied ambivalence to outright contempt. Everyone seems to have at least one story about recruiters. It could be that they are hounded by unsolicited offers for jobs that have nothing to do with their skillset on LinkedIn, unrealistic position descriptions posted on job search sites, through to bad fit candidates put forward for positions that the recruiter has been asked to fill.Recruiters are in a challenging...
  2. Earning as much as £500 a day, working for top notch ERP’s Microsoft Dynamics AX and Microsoft Dynamics NAV

    According to a recent salary survey carried out by Nigel Frank International – a global leader in Microsoft Dynamics recruitment – a large estimate of respondents migrated to Microsoft dynamics products in just the span of a year. The reason for such movements were observed to be “increased estimates of functionality of product, cost reduction, integration of third party vendors, ease of implantation and ease of adoption. Also, ERP/CRM migrations to Dynamics products is growing fast globally, but...
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