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  1. Using response compression in ASP.NET Core 1.1

    Modern browsers support multiple compression schemes such as deflate and gzip. Using this nifty feature in your web application can contribute greatly to an improved overall user experience. In this article, we'll discuss response (gzip) compression, it's benefits and how to implement it in your ASP.NET core web application. Response compression is an effective way to improve the efficiency of any website. It helps reduce bandwidth use and dramatically speeds up your website's load time...
  2. Trying to demystify PowerShell conditional statements processing performance

    Recently, I was drafting some PowerShell codes and stumbled across which conditional statement should I use for a very simple task and decided to explore abit more on their performance differences.Below is a sample code that I have coded to display the result of the overall performance between some of the conditional statements method and it is purely for educational coding purposes.If anyone is interested to find out, copy the codes below, paste it on PowerShell ISE and run it.
  3. One Weird Trick To Improve Web Performance

    The web is chock full of web performance advice. There are books on the subject, I've written articles about them, and there are countless case studies proving just how critical web performance is. All of these tips, patterns and "best practices" are important to understand and apply when appropriate, but the current state of the art, science and technology that drives the web (not to mention the politics!) has created a climate in which one simple web performance trick will likely provide...
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