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  1. The Power of PowerShell.. And the Shell..

    "What is the one technology I need to learn to get a job like the one you have?" - this is a question I've received from time to time, and my answer would vary, depending on who asked. Or rather; who I perceive the questioner to be - I cannot *know* for a fact what most suits his or her particular ambitions and style.. But in the last few years my answer, more often than not, has been "PowerShell"! Simply because I see it as one of the most important and game-changing technologies to come out of...
  2. Trying to demystify PowerShell conditional statements processing performance

    Recently, I was drafting some PowerShell codes and stumbled across which conditional statement should I use for a very simple task and decided to explore abit more on their performance differences.Below is a sample code that I have coded to display the result of the overall performance between some of the conditional statements method and it is purely for educational coding purposes.If anyone is interested to find out, copy the codes below, paste it on PowerShell ISE and run it.
  3. Get all current Client Access Sessions per each CAS Exchange 2010 Server

    This script is based on Mike Pfeiffer'sIt shows how many users are currently connected to each CAS detailing each sessions per protocol (RPC, OWA and EAS)You can get the client load distribution per server, how many users are connected in each server and know when the mail client services are ready after a maintenance reboot.The following powershell script will grab performance counter data from each CAS server to determine the number of active EAS, OWA and RPC sessions:~~~powershell[PSObject[]]...
  4. You never believe how easily schedule VMs in Hyper-V

    In our company we has VDI infrastrucure with virtual machines pools working at Windows Server Hyper-V 2012 R2. Because we has many GPO, that fast changed, applied to workstation we need to reboot machines occasionally. But not used machines went to save state if not using about 10 minutes. So we decide write this script to "reboot machines" at night and create a task in windows scheduler. As we has 4 pools we create 4 scripts for pools VMs and 4 tasks, that run at night with interval...
  5. If user hybrid skype for business account broken you can repair it, you can!

    Do you use Skype for Business in Hybrid infrastructure (skype for business server + skype for business online) and users asks to repair they accounts, because they can't access their skype for business client. If users don't use skype for business a long time - their accounts broke and need to be reapired. This may happen in situation whith infrastruture like:On-Demand Active Directory + Azure AD + Office 365 (Skype for business license) or On-Demand Active Directory + Azure AD + Office 365 (Skype...
  6. Moving a Cloud App to a different Azure Resource Group

    I used the new Visual Studio Team Services buils to deploy to an Azure CloudService web app. It created the web app automatically for me, but was put into a default resource group. I wanted to move it to the resource goup I had defined for other parts of the system. I found out that it can’t be done through the Azure PortalI’m new to using PowerShell to manage Azure and had to go through several blogs and steps to move my resource.I started my journey by finding this article (
  7. How to Update GAL and OAB in Exchange 2010

    What if your boss wants you to update the Global Address List and Offline Address Book in an Exchange environment. Yes, you could wait for Exchange to do it automatically (the default schedule is once a day) but what if you want to force the update immediately to reflect the changes on OAB?Don’t worry, here comes PowerShell to the rescue :).Use below Powerhsell commands in the same order:So now that the GAL is updated. Now let's update the Offline Address Book (OAB).And last… when you update the...
  8. Server – Virtual or Physical?

    • updated 4 years ago
    you are logged on to a server thru RDP and would like to know quickly whether the server is Physical or Virtual?You can use below one line Powershell command that queries the win32_computersystem WMI-class to check whether the server is a virtual one or is a physical server.Virtual MachinePowerEdge M610Hope it helps!!!Thanks, MAK
  9. Custom site-under-maintenance page on Azure Web Role

    First of all, you shouldn't normally need to take your web role offline. You only need to deploy to staging slot and when it's ready, swap the slots.But you might need to do some database maintenance which needs preventing database changes in order to ensure data integrity. In that case you have two options: either stop the role and let your users face the cruelty of 503 page, or use a cool ASP.NET feature to display a friendly message to your users and assure them you’ll be back soon.Displaying...
  10. Edit DRAFT Edit

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