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  1. How to add five star rating functionality to a website with jQuery, CSS and Microsoft Web API

    This article is the example I would have liked to have found when I was investigating how to write my own five star rating system.See to see the five star rating example live.The rating system allows voting and retrieving the average vote for multiple items on a single page.References: the edX course named Introduction to jQuery by Microsoft’s Michael Harrison.This sample is a walkthrough explaining how to create the following code items.1. HTML file with five stars for...
  2. ASP .NET MVC - SignalR and Android

    I implemented a real time web channel within an ASP .NET MVC web Application through a SignalR Hub proxy, but on most of Android Browsers it not work well. It seems to work on some recent Android Chrome browsers, anyway to have a full compatibility in the Hub initialization i had to put a fallback to the "longPolling" mode in the case of Android devices, some code like this:if (isAndroid) { $.connection.hub.start({ transport: ['longPolling'] }).done(function () { receiver.server.processEvents(); ...
  3. Edit DRAFT Edit

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