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  1. Portfolio Resource Utilization in Project Online using Power BI custom Reports

    With the growing number of projects across multiple LOBs, the PMO needs an easy and intuitive way to gain a quick insight into the resource capacity across the entire project portfolio. Traditionally, resource capacity planning is a challenging task due to the lack of enterprise-wide resource pools and/or lack of planning, in general. One of the most crucial responsibilities of a project/resource managers is the planning & monitoring of resource workloads. In most organizations today, resources...
  2. The Personal Touch

    Years ago, I moved in with an uncle who was working in North Carolina’s Research Triangle Park immediately following college. While I was looking for a first job in my profession I earned money by working as a bartender and server at a casual restaurant in Raleigh. I had a great time, it was fun - especially working the weekday lunch shifts. We were a tight group that had liked each other and often spent time together outside of work. Often the time between a lunch and evening shift was spent...
  3. Edit DRAFT Edit

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  1. Portfolio Resource Utilization in Project Online using Power BI custom Reports

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  2. The Personal Touch

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