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  1. Trying to demystify PowerShell conditional statements processing performance

    Recently, I was drafting some PowerShell codes and stumbled across which conditional statement should I use for a very simple task and decided to explore abit more on their performance differences.Below is a sample code that I have coded to display the result of the overall performance between some of the conditional statements method and it is purely for educational coding purposes.If anyone is interested to find out, copy the codes below, paste it on PowerShell ISE and run it.
  2. Two Strategies for Crossing Origins with Performance in Mind

    The web's same-origin policy is one of the cornerstone mechanisms upon which web security is built. It restricts the way that resources can be shared between web applications that have differing protocols, hosts or ports.A few years ago, the Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (aka CORS) specification extended the policy to enable various scenarios that were previously restricted. While the new scenarios are certainly useful, they introduce new considerations for the performance minded. The remainder of...
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