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  1. Microsoft Project Online & Power BI (Combining two powerful platforms)

    Microsoft Project Online is a flexible online solution for end-to-end project portfolio management (PPM) and everyday work. As the leader in the PPM market, Microsoft Project Online enables organizations to manage project demand, prioritization, and execution of projects and deliver intended business value. Power BI is a new exciting suite of business analytics tools to analyze data, share insights and provide a 360-degree view for your business users with their most important metrics in one place....
  2. Portfolio Resource Utilization in Project Online using Power BI custom Reports

    With the growing number of projects across multiple LOBs, the PMO needs an easy and intuitive way to gain a quick insight into the resource capacity across the entire project portfolio. Traditionally, resource capacity planning is a challenging task due to the lack of enterprise-wide resource pools and/or lack of planning, in general. One of the most crucial responsibilities of a project/resource managers is the planning & monitoring of resource workloads. In most organizations today, resources...
  3. Microsoft Professional Degree Program (MPD)

    Microsoft a annoncé le programme Microsoft Professional Degree Program (MPD), le premier programme du genre crée pour répondre à l'évolution des besoins de formation des clients et utilisateurs et pour aider à combler le déficit de compétences surtout dans le Business Intelligence BIMPD est une initiative dirigée par Microsoft qui fournit aux professionnels ayant une expérience de la connaissance et pratique du monde réel pour développer leurs compétences dans des domaines critiques comme le cloud...
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