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  1. Another interesting trick with APPLY operator

    Some years ago, I was reading one book of Itzik Ben-Gan where he explained in depth the use of a new operator: APPLY, I told myself, it just another new feature more. I didn’t understand the relevance and the many versatile applications it had, through time, I have been using APPLY in many scenarios. Saving time and resources it is a fundamental part of each TSQL development, in this short article I would like to explain a simple trick with APPLY operator.The requirement can sound exotic but is...
  2. Tips for Read/Write Locks Depending on Transaction Isolation Level in MSSQL

    Hi! I wrote these tips after many hours of some ERP system speed optimization. It was very helpful for me and my team. I hope it will be helpful for you too.So, lets go. Read UncommittedRead Committed + read_committed_snapshot off(alter database xxx set read_committed_snapshot off)Read Committed + read_committed_snapshot on(alter database xxx set read_committed_snapshot on)Repeatable ReadSerializableSnapshot(alter database xxx set allow_snapshot_isolation on)Tested on MSSQL 2014.
  3. SQL Server - How to extract Storage related Meta Data for Monitoring and Automation

    1. How much Disk Space is my Database currently using on Disk and what is the real Data Volume in the Database files?2. How close is the Data Volume to the Storage Limits?The following article will show you how to extract all relevant information using T-SQL for automation - step by step.If you simply need a quick and dirty solution without going through the details feel free to jump the code block labelled PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER at the very end of this article.The first table we want to look...
  4. Microsoft Business Intelligence approaches

    Time Intelligence is a common issue for every OLAP structure because Time as dimension apperars in every OLAP project, in every Cube you build, despite business model or type. To handle Time Intelligence good in calculations, aggregations and optimization, you need to use Timescale as well. With Timescale I mean: MonthToDate (MTD), YearToDate (YTD), LastYear(LY) etc..., all these very important to everyday use of Business Intelligence solutions.Now, I will take you to the technical steps of implemention...
  5. How to remove HTML tag using SQL?

    If you have your data with tags like < div>,< span> , < br> , etc. You can use the function below to remove this characters from your string. Blog.The function removes all content between the characteres < , > and also that characteres too.The HTMLString is the input for the function below, the column ClearString is the output for the function below.I hope that will help you.Cheers!
  6. MS SQL: Google Maps API

    This article will show how to calculate the distance beween two addresses using Google Maps API. Blog.I was looking to an easy way to calculate the distance between two addresses using SQL and Google Maps Distance Matrix API and I found this post from stackoverflow very useful.Here is how I use the Google Maps Distance Matrix API:CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CalculateDistance] ( @ToAddress NVARCHAR(100) = '', @FromAddress NVARCHAR(100) = '', @DistanceistanceInKm FLOAT OUTPUT ) ASBEGINDECLARE @Object...
  7. Log Shipping for SQL Server 2012 - Part 1

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    Log Shipping is a true and tried method of making databases available in case of a Disaster. From books online , SQL Server Log shipping allows you to automatically send transaction log backups from a primary database on a primary server instance to one or more secondary databases on separate secondary server instances.Here we discussed advantages and disadvantages of logshippin as disaster recovery solution for SQL Server. I will write about how to create log shipping in my next post.
  8. Programming languages - salaries and demand (3rd Quarter 2015)

    <span style="font-size: 0.7rem; display: block; text-align: center;">* Overall salary trends for the last two quarters.<br />N.B. Salaries for each country have been converted to USD for ease of comparison.*</span>Overall global salaries are down by $5,000 - $10,000 USD over the last quarter. Relative positions in popularity however remain mostly the same. By almost any measure and ranking methodology, the most popular and well paid languages are still JavaScript, Java,...
  9. Why choosing PHP development can boost your business growth?

    Having attained the reputation of being a leading web development language, PHP has become the number one choice of web developers residing in different parts of the world. Whether you run a small business or an established one, a timely investment in PHP development can aid in flawless growth of your business prospects. Known for its simplicity, scalability and utmost flexibility, PHP has been effectively utilized for programming websites and software products which need to be catered to different...
  10. Programming languages - salaries and demand (May 2015)

    Here is what happened to the software development market in May 2015. For previous months, take a look at the Gooroo Insights series.We are currently analysing ~500,000 tech jobs every single month, half of which are in the software development area. This provides a unique dataset which can tell us what skills organisations are hiring for and what salaries they're advertising.C# was in first place in April but fell back down in May in terms of demand. This puts Java in the number one position again...
  11. Edit DRAFT Edit

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