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  1. Windows Server 2016 New Core Licensing Model ¿How to digest it?

    It's well know that Microsoft launched to the market the new version of Windows Server 2016 and with it, a "new" licensing model based on the physical cores. It's been more than a year since this and still, there is a lot of confusion about how to eat it? how to license? what types of SKUs? Is there any rule? and so on. This article purpose is to clarify some aspect of this change, how to manage it but more important: Understand it.Let's start in the beginning: WHY? Traditionally, Windows Server...
  2. Keras: The Python Deep Learning library with Tensorflow and CNTK

    Hey, This is my first article, I hope you find informative.  Currently, I get interested in the AI & Machine Learning. And start learning by experimenting as well. I usually use Tensorflow and CNTK in Parallel. So, First I give a little Introduction to both like What they are and What they do?Tensorflow is an open source software library for numerical computation using data flow graphs. Nodes in the graph represent mathematical operations, while the graph edges represent the multidimensional...
  3. Introduction to Google ARCore Development

    In the past couple of years, if not more, the technology of virtual, augmented and, lately, mixed realities have taken a huge leap forward both for consumers as well as enterprise. Initially augmented reality (AR) almost entirely consisted of overlaying data on the real world, triggered by a shape, a logo, a QR code, or something else that could be easily recognised. Most of all it was very similar to a heads up display. Not really interacting with the real world, not really being part of your reality.
  4. Microsoft's Bot Framework

    Microsoft's Bot FrameworkIntroductionThe Microsoft’s Bot Framework is an inclusive offering that is used in building, as well as deploying quality bots for their users while enjoying their desired conversational practices. When writing bots, all developers face the same issues. It paramount that the bots have the basic I/O; it is a requirement for them to have language and dialog skills; it is crucial for them to be performant, receptive, and scalable. Moreover, they must connect to the users. The...
  5. Using the HoloToolkit for HoloLens

    Developing applications and experiences for HoloLens is not hard to get started with, but after you have started a number of projects and worked through the same setup and plumbing a few times, you wish there was an easier way to do it. Well, there is! Created by the team that produced Fragments and Young Conker, the HoloToolkit is a collection of scripts and components intended to accelerate the development of holographic applications targeting Windows Holographic. The toolkit is all free...
  6. Making HoloLens Accessible to Developers

    Interest in HoloLens, the mixed reality device from Microsoft, and digital reality in general, is growing rapidly. A large part of that interest comes from developers wanting to know how to build software for the device. And guess what: It isn't that difficult at all. With some basic C# knowledge and a free copy of Unity 3D you can get started in very little time. The first step is to get comfortable with the five main pillars of mixed reality development. First of all there are the three key...
  7. Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 7 / Rainier).

    Microsoft recently announced the Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016 release on Azure. Formerly code-named AX7 and now simply known as Microsoft Dynamics AX, the powerful ERP system is now under continuous maintenance in the cloud.The Microsoft Dynamics AX 2016 version offers a redesigned, touch-enabled user experience that looks and works like Microsoft Office, delivering deep integration that seamlessly shares information between Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM and Office 365. Real-time analytics powered by...
  8. Quick and easy debugging in Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 7)

    Below is the URL of the Microsoft Dynamics AX Support Team's Blog post on "Quick and easy debugging in AX 7". This purpose of this blog post is to show how you can get quickly get started with debuggingin AX7, specifically by showing how you can debug an error message issued from AX.
  9. How to use: Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 7.0.0) Help system and user interface (UI)

    How to use: Microsoft Dynamics AX (AX 7.0.0) Help system and user interface (UI)?The page pointed to by the below URL contains links to resources that will help you use the Microsoft Dynamics AX Help system and user interface (UI) more effectively.
  10. Exam 70-346 Cheat Sheet

    I recently sat this microsoft exam and passed with high score. I have been in the field for a while now and have worked with Office 365 since the beginnings but do not let that fool you! I'm not an "expert" and no! This exam was not mega-easy for me. I think the difference this time was that:A. I Enjoy working with 365B. I took the time to study properly: read every book I could get hold of, lots of blogs, articles, had discussions with mentors and seniors, etc.I actually enjoyed for...
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