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  1. Microsoft's Bot Framework

    Microsoft's Bot FrameworkIntroductionThe Microsoft’s Bot Framework is an inclusive offering that is used in building, as well as deploying quality bots for their users while enjoying their desired conversational practices. When writing bots, all developers face the same issues. It paramount that the bots have the basic I/O; it is a requirement for them to have language and dialog skills; it is crucial for them to be performant, receptive, and scalable. Moreover, they must connect to the users. The...
  2. Full Disclosure: About our analysis

    The data for the majority of our metrics comes from analyzing millions of job advertisements. This data is not perfect, but we believe that it is a good proxy for the analysis we undertake.Our data pipeline has many steps, each of which have the potential to accumulate errors, as such we outline each step below along with the types of errors which we are aware of and how we mitigate them. The pipeline consists of the following steps:Our source data is primarily expired job advertisments, which...
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  1. Microsoft's Bot Framework

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