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  1. Développement des applications mobiles Cross-Platform sous environnement Microsoft

    Le développement des applications mobile pour smartphones et tablettes représente un grand challenge technique pour une équipe de développement lié à l’existence de plusieurs choix de solutions :Il est à noter que ce challenge est encore plus grand avec la diversité du parc mobile et on assiste à une fragmentation technologique des équipements mobiles en fonction de :Dans le présent article, je vais me consacrer seulement au développement des applications natives et en particulier sur socle multiplateforme.
  2. Xamarin - Microsoft releases free version for small shop developers

    Developers who have invested in C# may have been questioning how useful this knowledge would be in the long run. After all, most technologists are familiar with the decline in desktop computer orders (below) coupled with the increase in mobile devices. And C# hasn’t been a first choice for developers targeting the mobile device market. No one would suggest that this means that there will be no market for C#, however the marketplace seemed to growing away from it. *source:
  3. Apple Pay And Android Pay For Developers

    Smartphones have turned into the Swiss Army knife of the tech world, enabling millions of people to take care of countless computing needs on the go, and mobile payments are another frontier. The hardware is ready and software is not far behind, so what’s the hold up?Well, in order to make mobile payments a reality, tech companies have to jump through a number of technological and regulatory hoops, plus, they have to wait for various other industries to get in line, as well. Apple, Google and Samsung...
  4. Gooroo statistics show Australian tech jobs steady as US and UK face decline

    Analysis of Australia's advertised tech positions shows salaries have remained steady over the past six months, with September recording a 1.2% increase to average $102,237 AUD, according to the latest statistics from Gooroo.While Australia is seeing the same average salary as it did two quarters ago in April 2015, it has been a different story in the US and UK, where both regions have seen a decline in average salaries for tech professionals."The US has been hit the hardest in terms of salary...
  5. Swift- Best suited programming language for Iphone developers

    Whether you're targeting the iPhone, iPad, Mac or the Apple Watch device; Swift will offer you a brilliant flexibility of building consuming-oriented apps that are fully responsive and immersive. Continue to stay on this post as I'll be highlighting the key reasons which make Swift a de-facto programming language for an Iphone app development expert.Unlike its counterpart Objective C, Swift is a lot more readable programming language. For instance, Swift can be used for unifying different keywords...
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