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  1. Xamarin - Microsoft releases free version for small shop developers

    Developers who have invested in C# may have been questioning how useful this knowledge would be in the long run. After all, most technologists are familiar with the decline in desktop computer orders (below) coupled with the increase in mobile devices. And C# hasn’t been a first choice for developers targeting the mobile device market. No one would suggest that this means that there will be no market for C#, however the marketplace seemed to growing away from it. *source:
  2. Swift- Best suited programming language for Iphone developers

    Whether you're targeting the iPhone, iPad, Mac or the Apple Watch device; Swift will offer you a brilliant flexibility of building consuming-oriented apps that are fully responsive and immersive. Continue to stay on this post as I'll be highlighting the key reasons which make Swift a de-facto programming language for an Iphone app development expert.Unlike its counterpart Objective C, Swift is a lot more readable programming language. For instance, Swift can be used for unifying different keywords...
  3. Mobile developers in web land

    There are mobile app writers who create software to run natively on the mobile platform. There are also those who write web apps tailored to work well on a mobile device. What does the marketplace have to say about these two breeds?We investigate the Mobile Developer, Android Developer, and iOS Developer roles (sorry, not enough jobs for Windows Phone developers to produce reliable statistics!)The global demand for mobile related jobs has been relatively steady this year with a slight rise. Specific...
  4. An introduction to Xamarin mobile development

    Up until very recently, mobile developers had to be in either the iOS, Android, or Windows camps. Software development for each of these platforms was entirely different with their own ecosystems, languages, and styles.Xamarin has changed that. As they say: > Xamarin enables developers to create applications for iOS and Android with C# and the .NET libraries. On each platform, the developer can use the full spectrum of native APIs and user interface controls that are made available by the underlying...
  5. Mobile Developer

    A Mobile Developer creates programs and software for use on mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets. These often requires knowledge of the various mobile devices and operating systems available in the marketplace, including Windows phones, Surface tablets, iOS, and Android.The role can often include elements of requirements analysis, user interface design, programming, and testing.
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