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  1. Another interesting trick with APPLY operator

    Some years ago, I was reading one book of Itzik Ben-Gan where he explained in depth the use of a new operator: APPLY, I told myself, it just another new feature more. I didn’t understand the relevance and the many versatile applications it had, through time, I have been using APPLY in many scenarios. Saving time and resources it is a fundamental part of each TSQL development, in this short article I would like to explain a simple trick with APPLY operator.The requirement can sound exotic but is...
  2. SQL Server - How to extract Storage related Meta Data for Monitoring and Automation

    1. How much Disk Space is my Database currently using on Disk and what is the real Data Volume in the Database files?2. How close is the Data Volume to the Storage Limits?The following article will show you how to extract all relevant information using T-SQL for automation - step by step.If you simply need a quick and dirty solution without going through the details feel free to jump the code block labelled PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER at the very end of this article.The first table we want to look...
  3. Microsoft Business Intelligence approaches

    Time Intelligence is a common issue for every OLAP structure because Time as dimension apperars in every OLAP project, in every Cube you build, despite business model or type. To handle Time Intelligence good in calculations, aggregations and optimization, you need to use Timescale as well. With Timescale I mean: MonthToDate (MTD), YearToDate (YTD), LastYear(LY) etc..., all these very important to everyday use of Business Intelligence solutions.Now, I will take you to the technical steps of implemention...
  4. How to remove HTML tag using SQL?

    If you have your data with tags like < div>,< span> , < br> , etc. You can use the function below to remove this characters from your string. Blog.The function removes all content between the characteres < , > and also that characteres too.The HTMLString is the input for the function below, the column ClearString is the output for the function below.I hope that will help you.Cheers!
  5. MS SQL: Google Maps API

    This article will show how to calculate the distance beween two addresses using Google Maps API. Blog.I was looking to an easy way to calculate the distance between two addresses using SQL and Google Maps Distance Matrix API and I found this post from stackoverflow very useful.Here is how I use the Google Maps Distance Matrix API:CREATE PROCEDURE [dbo].[CalculateDistance] ( @ToAddress NVARCHAR(100) = '', @FromAddress NVARCHAR(100) = '', @DistanceistanceInKm FLOAT OUTPUT ) ASBEGINDECLARE @Object...
  6. Data localization in DB

    Once we faced with the problem of data localization in our DB. Data was distributed on several tables. And we neede to choose a method accoring to requirements:We chose between next ways:For every table storing localizable data we introduce new additional table with localizable fields. Like this:In table Entity there is a description of some object, including default localization (our requirement number 2). CultureId is default language for the object.Table EntityLocalized stores all localizable...
  7. Removing SQL Azure "Sync" objects manually

    The web based interface for SQL Azure Sync leaves a lot to be desired, often taking hours to submit changes to a sync group. After dealing with this frustration for a period of time, I decided it was time to be done away with it completely.SQL Azure Sync uses triggers to determine when tables have been modified. These can be killed off using the following script:Data Sync also creates a series of tables with names like "%_dss_tracking" for trackign changes to each table. These to can...
  8. Big Data and Databases Index - March 2014

    The following charts show the salary and demand statistics for skills used in Big Data & Database related careers. The data is taken from the analysis of job advertisements in the United States, Great Britain, and Australia.This month, we have decided to remove some of the more generic terms like SQL and Databases.When reading these charts, the lower the demand for a skill, the less reliable the salary indicators become. It only takes a handful of jobs to shift the average.Job data...
  9. Something about SQL Server

    Here is some markdownI think we are going to need significantly more text though, as its looking a little baren.
  10. Backing up SQL Server databases to Azure Storage Services

    In this article we show you how to do a SQL backup and restore from an Azure Blob Storage Service. You can achieve this without needing to map any virtual drives, directories, without attaching/detaching or downloading anything. In the code examples below, replace anything within angled brackets '<...>' with the appropriate details.We are assuming that you have a container set up in Azure Blob Storage Service already. We firstly need to store some authentication credentials in your SQL server.
  11. Edit DRAFT Edit

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