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  1. Creating HSTS and Pre-load with Cloudflare

    Most people are familiar with HTTPS and the concept of secure websites. Securing websites become more and more common, which is a really good thing. Not only do we know that the data sent and received from the website is secure, but we also get a sense of knowing we will be alright. We expect that we get confidentiality, authenticity and integrity from modern websites. After all, we see sites every day with this:This is becoming more and more common, and according to Scott Helme almost 31% of the...
  2. Using Geo-Location in Your Web App

    The use of GPS data has become second nature for most everyday tasks. The most common scenario of finding your way from A to B using GPS is obvious, but there are a lot of other uses as well. When you ask to find the nearest store on a company website, GPS is used. When you log into Facebook in a foreign country and you subsequently get ads for all of the Swedish natural foods you can eat, GPS is used. When you ask Google to remember where you parked your car, GPS is used. And many more ways. 
  3. Introduction to Progressive Web Apps

    As some people know, I have been very passionate about Windows Phone since the early days of the platform. I am still using a Windows 10 Mobile device, and I still love the operating system and the Windows 10 platform. However, I am not living in a cave, and I do realise that the future potential of the Windows mobile platform is limited. I still don't think it is "dead", but it is certainly limited. I started learning Xamarin a couple of years ago, to use my C# knowledge and skills for building...
  4. Lessons Learned Writing Spring Boot Auto Configurations

    My team and I make heavy use of Spring Boot to build microservices that power our applications at our company. We've even gone so far as to write our own custom auto configurations to ease development. We package these auto configurations along with other goodies into what we call our platform.Recently, after releasing a new platform version, we encountered an issue where one of our microservices would fail to start at what appeared to be random intervals. After further digging, we noticed specifically...
  5. Spring Cloud and Netflix Ribbon: Client-side Load Balancing

    Eventually you'll reach a point where you need to run multiple instances of an application or a service for high availability or to manage increased load. That's what load balancers are for. There's generally two different types:What many people would call a "load balancer" is actually a server-side load balancer. It can be implemented in hardware or software. The traffic is sent to a dedicated service that decides where to send the traffic, using an algorithm like round-robin, to one of the...
  6. Securing your Exchange Online

    If your company its using Exchange Online services and you are responsible for email security, you have many options that you can implement to improve email security. By default every new Exchange Online tenant come with a defaults protections policy such as:Every default policy can be viewed, edited but not deleted. Its so recommended that you review all of this policies.As administrator, you can create additional malware or spam policies and applies it to specific users or groups.The malware filter...
  7. Custom user roles and role-based authorization in ASP.NET core

    I've recently been trying to contribute to the developer community, in more ways than I previously have. One of the areas I decided to delve into, is spending more time on tech forums and resources like StackOverflow.  Well not for asking questions or checking for answers, but more for answering as many questions as I possibly can. The aim is to provide answers primarily to questions budding developers are asking. so Let's hope I do a lot of that as time goes on. Hey, I might...
  8. How to Query Twitter with C#

  9. Visual Studio: Creating and managing digital certificates in C#

    Digital Certificates are used for secure communication between two parties. In digital certification we ensure that the peoples who are using our apps or services are securely communicating with each other and those peoples can be individual consumers or businesses.In Digital Certification we use both Hashing and Asymmetric encryption for creating digital signatures.After encrypting the hash of data we obtain a digital signature later which is used for verification of data.As there are a lot more...
  10. An Introduction to R for Java Developers

    As a Software Engineer I'm always keeping up to date with technology and one of the things that helps me do that is book reviews. Right now, I'm reviewing The Book of R: A First Course in Programming and Statistics by Tilman M. Davies. R is a programming language used in statistical computing and has gained in popularity in the recent years due to the explosion of data and its applications like Machine Learning.
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