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  1. Programming languages - salaries and demand (March 2015)

    We've released a few of these reports before, and here is the first for 2015. With our database now analysing ~500,000 tech jobs every single month, we have a unique dataset which can tell us what skills organisations are hiring for and what salaries they're advertising.This year we have seen quite a lot of change in the popularity of various programming languages. Whether this is a feature of different industry's hiring cycles is still to be determined.Battling for 1st position are Java and C# with...
  2. Programming languages - salaries and demand (October 2014)

    A few months ago we wrote up a brief analysis of key programming languages, showing the demand for each language and the salaries being offered. We now have almost 3 million job advertisements in our analysis engine so we should take a fresh look at what it says.In July, we saw three main clusters, the established leaders, the followers, and the niche.The leaders of the group are still ahead in very much the same positions. Java, C++, and C all pay well and are in high demand. JavaScript and C# are...
  3. Which language wins in terms of salary/demand (July 2014)

    Here we take a look at a selection of programming languages and compare their mean salary and demand. The data comes from an analysis of 1.5 million tech job advertisements collected between January and June 2014 from the USA, Great Britain, and Australia.The first thing we notice is an obvious clustering of languages into three distinct groups:Established leaders are common in paying organisations and show a high demand globally. These include skills like Java, C#, and JavaScript.Skills which are...
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