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  1. How to create and assign roles in mvc 5

    Hello,I am writing this article to show you how to create and assign user role. Create a new web application project with MVC template along with individual authentication. You have noticed that  AspNetRoles, AspNetUsers etc tables are already  available in our project . So, we can make use of these  tables to fulfill our need . Find and open the Startup.cs file from the solution explorer .You can add  here function to create...
  2. Custom user roles and role-based authorization in ASP.NET core

    I've recently been trying to contribute to the developer community, in more ways than I previously have. One of the areas I decided to delve into, is spending more time on tech forums and resources like StackOverflow.  Well not for asking questions or checking for answers, but more for answering as many questions as I possibly can. The aim is to provide answers primarily to questions budding developers are asking. so Let's hope I do a lot of that as time goes on. Hey, I might...
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