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  1. Using Geo-Location in Your Web App

    The use of GPS data has become second nature for most everyday tasks. The most common scenario of finding your way from A to B using GPS is obvious, but there are a lot of other uses as well. When you ask to find the nearest store on a company website, GPS is used. When you log into Facebook in a foreign country and you subsequently get ads for all of the Swedish natural foods you can eat, GPS is used. When you ask Google to remember where you parked your car, GPS is used. And many more ways. 
  2. ASP .NET MVC - SignalR and Android

    I implemented a real time web channel within an ASP .NET MVC web Application through a SignalR Hub proxy, but on most of Android Browsers it not work well. It seems to work on some recent Android Chrome browsers, anyway to have a full compatibility in the Hub initialization i had to put a fallback to the "longPolling" mode in the case of Android devices, some code like this:if (isAndroid) { $.connection.hub.start({ transport: ['longPolling'] }).done(function () { receiver.server.processEvents(); ...
  3. Sketch To HTML Conversion Service Providers for Responsive Web Design

    As there is a continuous race between Sketch to HTML service providers to offer distinguished services, it is a must for the clients to know the benefits that are there to be availed. The rewarding sketch technique is not less than a wonder for the developers to implement easy to use interface over the website. Moreover, a number of companies are there that are offering exceptional conversion services.Sketch to HTML has always been considered an ideal conversion technique by the web developers to...
  4. Formidable Reasons that Make HTML5 the Favorite of Web Developers Today

    Formidable Reasons that Make HTML5 the Favorite of Web Developers TodayBeyond any comparison, the fifth as well as the latest version of Hyper Text Markup Language is absolutely fantastic in many terms. It has been addressed as a timely innovation which website builders eye to frame websites. All the advanced technologies essentially, Java, CSS, flash programs, and other APIs are brilliantly supplemented for manifesting website contents in the framework of HTML5, superior to XHTML. There are some...
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