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  1. Issue converting AD user as Remote Mailbox in Exchange Hybrid environment.

    A few days ago, my friend Peter ask me about the process of convert an active directory user to remote mailbox in hybrid environment composed by Exchange Online and Exchange 2013 on premises. In some environment, your active directory has many users that not has a mailbox yet. But now, you need to create a mailbox for these users that response for both Exchange services. This process can be accomplish using enable-remotemailbox cmlet.When my friend Peter tried the conversion using the enable-remotemailbox...
  2. Issue with Autodiscover when using Exchange Online and Cpanel Hosting.

    Suppose the following scenario: a small company that has Exchange Online service and a hosting service that use Cpanel platform. After finally configure all DNS records and successfully connect to Exchange Online, randomly users begun to report two issues:1) Public folder disappears.2) Outlook Error: "Outlook cannot log on". How Outlook works with Exchange Service? the response is Autodiscover service. but how Autodiscover service works?This function has three phases...
  3. Get all current Client Access Sessions per each CAS Exchange 2010 Server

    This script is based on Mike Pfeiffer'sIt shows how many users are currently connected to each CAS detailing each sessions per protocol (RPC, OWA and EAS)You can get the client load distribution per server, how many users are connected in each server and know when the mail client services are ready after a maintenance reboot.The following powershell script will grab performance counter data from each CAS server to determine the number of active EAS, OWA and RPC sessions:~~~powershell[PSObject[]]...
  4. Windows Server 2012 Active Directory Interview Questions

    More and more companies are realizing the power of cloud services and networks. With the release of Office 365, Cloud services, and employees working away from the office, collaboration is crucial. Ensuring the networks that connect employees and allow access to the documents and projects within an organization is therefore critical to allow organizations to function efficiently. This means that the demand for good network administrators and system administrators who understand Active Directory is...
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