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  1. Operation Not Legal in the Current State - Debugging ASP.NET Core Web Applications

    The other evening I was playing around with an ASP.NET Core application. When I started debugging it, I immediately saw an error message pop up that said It was a bit of a head scratcher, so I decided to restart the debug session and see if the problem resolved itself. This didn't help and I saw the same error again.I also saw that my Chrome browser had started up, but it wasn't showing my web page. It was stuck on a notification page telling me that JavaScript debugging is now enabled in Visual...
  2. Creating Custom Error Pages in ASP.NET core 1.0

    Okay, so you’ve probably come across tons of broken links on our enormous world wide web, and it gets even more frustrating when there aren’t any links or buttons redirecting to a working page. However, the hard truth is, in reality, errors are inevitable. Whether they occur through wrong user input, or simply just one or two bugs in your code, they are simply just inevitable.This article explains perhaps the most efficient way to set up custom error pages for your ASP.NET core web Application. Using...
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