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  1. Analyzing the analysis: How not to get fooled by the Data Scientist and Big Data

    Data Science and Big Data is a growing part of the business world. Often lauded as a crystal ball to predict the future or cure cancer it's easy to implicitly trust the data wizard and their expensive cluster of servers. However, doing meaningful data analysis is difficult and fraught with potential errors and incorrect conclusions.In this article I will outline some of the challenges of data analysis and provide you with a series of questions to ask of any data analysis to keep the Data Scientist's...
  2. Data Scientist

    Organisations today are collecting more data than they are able to handle. The role of a Data Scientist is to analyse and streamline using software programs that you develop specifically for this purpose.The types of data range from medical, financial, genetic, marketing/sales, to phone and software usage. You employ a variety of software tools and programming languages to handle this information, and draw connections between them. Data Scientists often build predictive models based on this data....
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