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  1. Developing for the Cloud - A Crash Introduction

    When you create a web application for the cloud, there are many things that need to be done differently. It's not just a case of saying "I'm doing cloud" and all you're really doing is putting it on someone else's VM. Doing this, the costs are much higher than if the application is designed with cloud in mind. This might be fine from an infrastructure point of view, but the cloud can have profound impacts on development from the ground up.Azure allows us, and also forces us, to engineer...
  2. Where are all the tech jobs in the USA?

    Last month we looked at tech salaries vs the cost of living across the USA. This month, we want to explore the demand side of this issue. It's one thing to be paid great money doing a job, but if those jobs are far and few between the likelihood of landing that job is very low.California, Texas, New York, Virginia, and Illinois consistently advertise more tech jobs than any other state. These states post around 150,000 tech jobs each month, with California sitting far ahead at 350,000. As we would...
  3. Tech salaries and the cost of living in the USA

    We quite often get questions about how salaries compare with living costs across America. So, we decided to look into it. The best states to work in, may not be what you expect.We calculate the Net Income as the difference between the average tech salary and cost of living within each state. Divided by 12, this gives us a monthly figure to work with. Living cost figures come from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and include factors such as housing, transport, taxes, and childcare.Here are the...
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