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  1. Economics, Agile and .Net Rocks

    I was commuting to work last week a couple of weeks ago a couple of months ago (it took me a long time to get this article finished :-)) across the South Dakota plains so I had some extra time. I enjoy only seeing a few cars every mile. This is another reason I enjoy SD and do not desire to move to a large city.[Screen shot from Bing Maps]Better yet, from the bike trail on my 4 or 8.5 mile (depending where I work for that day) ride in February.I enjoyed listening to DotNetRocks - The Economics, Psychology...
  2. Re-thinking Customer Expectations

    Please visit me at read this at my new blog 2004 van broke down on the way to New Years/Christmas celebration at my parent’s home. Thankfully no one was hurt and it was a good spot to have troubles [* – see bellow]. We were just off the interstate by a gas station on a Wednesday morning and my Dad was only 20 minutes away. The heater stopped working and the engine was smoking. I have 3 children under 8 and it was 20 degrees out, so having no heat was concerning (but not threatening)....
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  1. Economics, Agile and .Net Rocks

    Last updated: 5 months ago by Kevin Logan
  2. Re-thinking Customer Expectations

    Last updated: 4 months ago by Kevin Logan

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