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  1. Maintain Your User Interface Responsive with Task-await

  2. Glyphfriend 2.1 Released! Now with Library Filtering

    It hasn't been too long since the latest 2.0 release of Glyphfriend, but with the release of Visual Studio 2017 coming around the corner, there were a few things that could use some improvement and polishing off before then.Message received, loud and clear.All of the changes that were made to make the extension more flexible actually resulted in it being more noisy. Glyphfriend would just serve everything it knew about. This has generally been regarded as a bad move, and thus library filtering is...
  3. Push Notification with SignalR

    Qu'est ce que SignalR?SignalR, est une librairie de composants qui facilite le développement d'application web temps réel basée sur la communication bidirectionnelle,tel que les chat room dans les sites web, mais aussi le traitement des notifications ou push notification.SignalR utilise des WebSockets lorsqu'il est possible de se connecter. Ce qui signifie qu'elle supporte tout navigateur compatible avec HTML5.Un des principaux avantages d'utiliser SignalR est qu'elle supporte des procédures distances...
  4. What is the actor model?

    The Actor model is an approach to software design that has undergone a resurgence recently and I have being spending some time the last few months learning about this area and associated frameworks.The Actor model is probably better known on platforms such as Scala & Erlang but the .net platform also offers a number of implementations such as & Microsoft’s Project Orleans (these are by no means the only options but probably the better known).But what is the Actor model anyway and...
  5. Visual Studio 2015 IDE Changes

    Visual Studio 2015 benefits from new & refined refactoring and code analysis tools many of which have been rewritten to utilize the Roslyn platform.In this release we get a taste of just what Roslyn will make possible with exciting features such as live code analysis.Let's dive in & take a look at what in my opinion is one of the best (and a long awaited!) feature in VS 2015 ...I bet like many developers you have wanted to use LINQ & lambda expressions in the watch & immediate windows...
  6. Visual Studio 2015 and Roslyn Compiler

    This is the first in a series of articles covering upcoming changes in Visual Studio 2015.In the future I hope to explore the following areas which have undergone significant changes & enhancements:Before we get started its worth noting that if you want to play with the new features in Visual Studio 2015 yourself you have two choices:Install the CTP 5 preview (Microsoft recommend that you may not want to do this on a production machine given this is a preview release).Using an Azure machine...
  7. Salary variation in tech careers

    The spread of tech salaries can be quite large in some regions. In this piece, we take a brief look at this range and identify the top, middle, and lowest earners.At first glance, we notice the Australian and British marketplace has a much larger range of salaries than the Unites States. Although the average salaries of each country are quite similar (~$93,000USD), there are many more higher paying jobs outside of the United States.This means that your salary growth in the United States is limited...
  8. .NET Developer

    A .NET Web Developer is a Software Developer who uses the .NET Framework as their foundation. They work in languages such as C#, VB.NET, and ASP.NET..NET Web Developers focus on building software which is delivered via a web browser. This is different from a general .NET Developer who can build software which runs on the Windows Operating System and Windows mobile and tablet devices such as Surface.
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