The discussion on gender diversity in tech recently heats up with the viral memo on gender issues (titled "Google's Ideological Echo Chamber") by ex-Googler James Damore. Since then it has attracted several follow ups, including prominent ones by the New York Times or by The Washington Post

At Gooroo, it is pretty relevant to us as the tech industry is our main focus. We are specifically interested in knowing the facts behind the state of gender balance/diversity in tech companies and tech locations, to help start more informed conversations.  For instance, to what extent are women underrepresented in tech careers, and is it more so for hyped locations such as Silicon Valley? If so, what are the most and least gender-balanced careers? 

A bit about Gooroo data - we glean into such insights primarily through our 7+ million tech talent profiles in all global locations. Gender data can be inferred for about 80% of them, through the mapping from first names to gender via census data, not unlike leading gender APIs such as

The most and least gender balanced careers in tech, revealed 

Roles that are heavily over-represented by males are mostly in software engineering, such as Senior Design Engineer, Senior Software Engineer. One goes as high as 98% male (Senior DevOp Engineer). 

Tech occupations most over-represented by male employees

Conversely, roles for which there are more female than male employees include Technical Writer, Graphic Design or Pro. It does confirm one of the general observations that creative roles tend to have higher percentage of female employees.

Tech occupations most over-represented by female employees

Data: US talents data, 2017

Most common positions, by gender

Looking at the roles analytics for each gender in isolation reveals some interesting insights. For instance, contrary to some general stereotype, some engineering-focused roles, such as Systems Engineer, actually rank among top tech occupations for women.

The top positions for females and males, respectively are:


  • Business Analyst
  • Graphic Designer
  • Software Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Systems Engineer


  • Software Engineer
  • Business Analyst
  • Systems Engineer
  • Analyst
  • Network Engineer

Gooroo Insights with new gender stats. Stay informed on gender diversity analytics, by role, location and talent availability

At Gooroo, we innovate fast. Given the trends towards promoting gender diversity in the workplace, we know there is good demand for a feature in our analytics tool to provide gender statistics. It is confirmed by client feedbacks we have received from our sales and customer service teams. Customers tell us it is valuable for hiring managers or companies to have balanced, informed decisions on managing their gender diversity in the workplace. Sometimes, it is about setting the right expectation between hiring goals and talent availability. 

The result is the new gender feature, which is integrated directly in Gooroo Insights. It enables hiring managers to easily obtain gender statistics for any location, role, and level of seniority. It is powered by our vast talent data set across all locations in the US, Australia, and the UK. If you want to have a try, contact us at Gooroo Hirer

And lastly, to drive the message home (literally) here's one more interesting question (for us at least) 

Is Sydney more or less gender balanced compared to Silicon Valley?

See how easily you can answer this question with our new Gooroo Insight tool. 

Brad Nguyen

Data scientist