Cloud is a central repository where you can put access manage data and services from anywhere, anytime. Cloud computing is simply to put the services of cloud i.e. servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and much more over the internet. the companies that offer such services are known as cloud providers. providers charge you for these services upon your usage, its just likely you charged for electricity, Gas, Water usage every month at your home.

Still not clear about what is cloud computing? What it is used for? What it is meant for? if yes, then this writeup is for you.

you are using cloud computing even at this time if you use email to communicate, use online services to watch a movie, listening to music, playing games its likely that this all is possible via cloud services. all the organisations are embracing technology for some reason i.e.

create applications.

store, backup, recover data.

To host a website or services.

Stream audio and video.

deliverance of software on demand/ public need

to analyse data and to predict the future.

Cloud computing is a big shift in itself it changes the way to business around for all but more specifically the IT Professionals. the popularity of cloud? the reason for popularity is subject to some reasons that organisation tends to shift towards cloud.


Cost, cloud computing eliminates the cost of capital for buying hardware as well as software moreover the cost to set up the datacenter for the standalone environment.


the capacity and flexibility of the business increases the way forward the services are embed in business on few clicks.


the benefits of cloud computing include the benefits of elasticity, elasticity in terms that you will invest only on the resources that you utilise for your business. the services that you utilise are available on global scale.


productivity increases by the utilisation of cloud computing services, it revokes the need of managing hardware resources. so the IT team can be more focused on the business goals for the enhancement and increased productivity.


the performance of the business increases by utilisation of cloud services, because the hardware embed at backend is updated to the latest equipment automatically. this make business fast and productive.


Reliability is highly increased by the utilisation of cloud computing with help of data backup, security and loss prevention.


Most of the cloud services fall in three broad categories of cloud computing Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS), Platform As A Service (PAAS), Software As A Service (SAAS). they are also known as cloud computing stack.

Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS)

its the most basic category of cloud computing services, what you do is that you rent out the infrastructure of your dire need by a cloud provider and pay it as per need and utilisation.

Platform As A service (PAAS)

its such a category that provides you with the environment all that you need for your apps and work. without worrying about the infrastructure that needs to run it i.e. storage, memory (ram), and all other hardware need.

Software As A Service (SAAS)

Software Applications are being developed and delivered to the community over the internet typically or say common practice such services are charged over subscriptions. with SAAS the cloud providers eventually deals with all the application, its infrastructure, it upgrade maintenance and all the other expenses the customer has not to worry about it.


cloud computing is highly available in three deployment models public hybrid and private

Public Cloud

this kind of cloud deployment model is owned and operated by a third party vendor, they use them in deliverance of their own cloud services/resources i.e. servers, storage, hardware, software other supporting infrastructure that one need for own business. one can access and manages the services by only the utilisation of web browser.

Private Cloud

this kind of deployment model is owned by a single organisation or entity. the deployment of it can take place on premises as a local datacenter. some invest to the cloud providers for having their own private cloud for their business.

Hybrid Cloud

the combination of public and private cloud make up an hybrid cloud. it allows sharing of data and application between them. the hybrid makes the business more flexible and large.

So, cloud computing works different dependant on the provider, but it makes the industry ease especially for IT pros it provide powerful dashboard to the community.

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