Resource utilization and capacity planning

With the growing number of projects across multiple LOBs, the PMO needs an easy and intuitive way to gain a quick insight into the resource capacity across the entire project portfolio. Traditionally, resource capacity planning is a challenging task due to the lack of enterprise-wide resource pools and/or lack of planning, in general. One of the most crucial responsibilities of a project/resource managers is the planning & monitoring of resource workloads. In most organizations today, resources are shared across various departments. These resources might be overallocated or under-utilized, and there is no quick way to see into the present or future capacity/utilization.

Here is where Power BI comes to rescue.

InPower BI, the PM/RM/PMO can see live resource utilization across the entire project portfolio (Project Online) showing Past, Present and Future work assignment by Department, Role, KPIs, Cost, and additional metrics related to my project portfolio.

I can quickly drill down and filter information by:

  • Year / Month
  • Role
  • Department/Resources

and know exactly which resources are working on what project at what time with a few clicks.

Furthermore, I can also see the name of the resources or filter by their roles and/or their individual workload and planned work.

One of the great features in Power BI is the ability to bring in custom visuals which are free interactive visuals created by the community to enhance your report, i.e. the dial gauges at the bottom of the reports are custom visuals that display live resource utilization by department. This interactive Power BI report can be easily shared with your PMO and stakeholders to show a new interactive report that can be interacted with and saved to your Intranet. Furthermore, you can interact with your report and dashboard by typing your Project related questions in plain English and AI (Natural Language Query) responds in real-time, for example:

  • show resource utilization for last year
  • show assignment cost by department
  • show planned work for developers in August 2016

show John Doe's resource utilization last year Power BI indeed allows your project data to come alive and empower the stakeholders and PMO to make informed business decisions in short time AND in real-time. Your Project Portfolio data is refreshed on a timely interval thus keeping your data up-to-date.

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