If you present to or collaborate with other developers, then there is one PowerPoint App that you must install ASAP: Code Presenter Pro.

Code Presenter Pro Download Page

What it Does

Developed by iGeek Studio for the Imagine Cup 2014 (the app won first place, by the way), this app turns PowerPoint, both the Presentation View and the standard Normal working view into an awesome code editor that supports customizable syntax highlighting for C#, Java, JavaScript, Python, PHP, ASP, JSP, Visual Basic, ASM, and C/C++. But the features do not end there. You can fold and collapse code blocks, jump to a specific function or variable with a simple click, and write, draw, and comment on the code in a “Canvas Mode.”

See it in Action

To see this app in action, Susan Ibach create a great video on using Code Presenter Pro in PowerPoint for Developers. https://youtu.be/lbmSEubPYsY

How to Download

To download the app, first open a version of PowerPoint that support apps—the later the version, the better. Go to your Insert tab on the Ribbon, and click on Store. From there, simply search for “Code Presenter Pro” in the search box.


Next, click Add to add the app and Code Presenter Pro to a slide in your presentation.

Image alternative text To change the language, click the Detect Language combo box towards the bottom of the app and click OK. From there, your code will update with syntax highlighting and you’ll see a toolbar with a variety of options to explore:

Image alternative text

Where to Go for Help

The iGeek Studio keeps a pretty fantastic website for the app, including a [PDF of frequently asked questions] (http://www.codepp.net/doc/code_presenter_pro_faqs.pdf), and a [PDF User Manual] (http://www.codepp.net/doc/code_presenter_pro_user_Manual.pdf).