For many employers having a certificate is great way to check possible candidate abilities and skills. Companies like Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, Red Hat are just example of corporations which have their own certification paths. In this article I will try to answer common questions regarding certificates, certification processes and add some more overview of exams themselves.

What the certificate gives to me?

Easiest answer is that certificate proves your skills. Every exam you pass is showing your potential, knowledge, ability to learn, way of creative thinking. Purpose of exams is to show that you can use your proficiency in real-world scenarios, how you're resolving issues with specified solutions, which decisions are you taking to reach complete solution.

As a certification holder, you can distinguish yourself from the competition with proof that you have specialized skills. More than 7 in 10 HR professionals say that IT certifications will grow in importance over the next two years.

Certificate is also great way to get a pay rise! More than 75% employees holding a certificate in their hand are earning better money than people without it. Also during recruitment process, it's much simpler to get better salary.

How employers think about certified person?

Researchers are showing, that every passed exam is increasing our chances in market. In many companies HR departments are struggling with hiring in IT, mainly because there is huge gap in skills. Recruiters are desperately seeking IT professionals with knowledge and sufficient experience. Certificates are great solution for them, because they don't need to check so deeply skills of potential employee, due to already that during exam.

Who can be certified?

Everyone! I would say. There is huge amount of different certification paths created so even beginner can prepare for them and pass them, what can give a jump start to future career.