Working for ERP’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX promises better work life balance, higher earning potential and satisfaction.

According to a recent salary survey carried out by Nigel Frank International – a global leader in Microsoft Dynamics recruitment – a large estimate of respondents migrated to Microsoft dynamics products in just the span of a year. The reason for such movements were observed to be “increased estimates of functionality of product, cost reduction, integration of third party vendors, ease of implantation and ease of adoption. Also, ERP/CRM migrations to Dynamics products is growing fast globally, but most especially in UK”. The survey also showed that the use of Microsoft Dynamics products yields at least 500£ per day, whether as a freelancer or as an employee. This is great news to those considering Microsoft Dynamics professionalism. Working for ERP’s Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX promises better work life balance, higher earning potential and satisfaction. Over the years, Microsoft has made profit from the Microsoft Dynamics technological advancement. More industries are involved in the movement from ERP/CRM to Microsoft Dynamics. The product offers effective and sustainable business activity and has attracted investors, not only for large firms but also small or mid-sized organizations. Nigel Frank International is an example of a big scale company that has invested in Microsoft Dynamics and has profited immensely in an expanse of twelve months. Nigel Frank dedicated £5 million in advertising and marketing and with this, the company has been able to access over 600,000 Microsoft technology professionals who now have stable employment in firms where they are hired.

Microsoft Dynamics is the new diamond. It is the top notch ERP an organization cannot afford to ignore. Taking over the control of the technological world, Microsoft Dynamics access information that has led to sustainable growth of industries all around the world. Information in the modern era is not just about power, it is money, time and resource. It is everything. Microsoft Dynamics ERP provides the tools needed to connect and manage a business, from financial and supply chain management and from manufacturing to operations, with insights needed to make smart decisions. The Dynamics AX and the Dynamics NAV have been the leading ERP solutions responsible for the high enterprise level of firms and organizations all around the globe. Both have gained a high level of professionalism which has aided firms and employees in both labor and income stability to yield a sustainable business activity. If you can imagine running your business across the shores of many countries, this is possible with Dynamics AX, for it proffers management solutions which are suitable for the purpose of meeting present and future demands. With regards to information, the Microsoft Dynamics AX aids with vital information and large number of data used by large firms. One major example of this large data is the precise analysis of the Nigel Frank International’s salary survey reports. Microsoft Dynamics NAV on the other hand embodies a host of accounting applications but comes in a more simplified package than the Dynamics AX, and its functional specialty is quite popular with government analysis, retail etc. Accordingly, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV fits into a growing business and it grows with the business. It is the suitable replacement if one considers changing accounting applications in a firm. For people and organizations who do not deal with extremely large data like the salary survey report, the Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a sure solution. Business is booming as the products are globally friendly. For employees in the profession, earning as much as £500 per day is a sure bet.

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Source: Microsoft Dynamics Salary Survey 2016, Nigel Frank International

You can download the entire survey to learn more about Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX rates here

Christos Pittis

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Lead Consultant

Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

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