I recently took and passed the 70-354 test. I was able to "skip" over the first C# test by completing the Tech Rewards that prompted me to create my app Eratosthenes Library Management (which is still pretty basic), get Tech Reward points and then after passing 70-354 get "A Microsoft Specialist: Programming in C# certification". This was a very cool way to get some certification credit and I actually built an app and put it into the store, instead of just reading and taking a test. I hope to see more of these from Microsoft in the future.

One more test and I'll have my MCSD in UWP apps.

My approach was to copy all of the skills measure and fill in with links and notes. I hope they help you out. With the experience from building the app, I only spent 4-8 hours studying for this test and I felt I did quite well. I made my notes in OneNote the format didn't work well when I attempted to add it to this post. Please visit my OneNote to view it there.

Happy test taking and good luck!