Melbourne (Australia) 20 January 2016

Microsoft Corporation and Australian tech career management platform Gooroo, have announced a global alliance that will see the millions of Microsoft’s Certified Professional (MCP) community exclusively benefiting from the new platform’s innovative career planning tools.

Gooroo’s unique service, already used by thousands of tech professionals from around the globe, will be made available free for 12 months to Microsoft’s Certified Professional community to assist them in building ‘richer’ tech careers.

“Millions of Microsoft professionals will get free access to our premium level tools, and will receive special recognition of their MCP and MVP status on the Gooroo platform,” says Gooroo CEO and Founder Greg Muller. “We see this partnership as a validation of what we already knew; that Gooroo is a unique and valuable service that changes the way we identify opportunities, build our personal brand and make important career choices.”

Microsoft’s MCP/MCT Program Manager, Patrick Thomas agrees, reiterating the company’s belief in the value of education and community in the development of a tech career, and believes this partnership with Gooroo will see members of their Certified Professional Community benefit from a platform at the forefront of tech career management.

“Gooroo’s job matching capabilities are super impressive and will mean that our community will be well supported in how they identify the opportunities they want,” says Mr Thomas. “Gooroo’s analytics platform also helps our community make important decisions about the right career pathways and training for them based on their individual skills and ambitions.”

Gooroo has also teamed up with leading training providers from around the world to connect members with courses to progress their careers based on a personalised skills analysis, used to identify their skills gaps.

“Our big data and artificial intelligence platform represents the future in how individuals will make decisions about what they want to do,” says Mr Muller. “We use the information we collect and analyse to help developers, engineers and analysts make informed decisions regarding their career direction, and then personalise their experience through a skills analysis to match them to courses and jobs that suit their skills, experiences and preferences. We’re unlocking potential and making the process more efficient for everyone.”

Gooroo has grown substantially, largely through word of mouth, since launching quietly in early 2015 and is currently free for all users. With 120 million tech professionals and over 25 million jobs posted every year, Gooroo is positioned for impressive growth.

“We will soon be launching a series of tiered subscriptions of which the Premium level will be made available free to Microsoft’s Certified Professional community for 12 months,” says Mr Muller. “I encourage everyone to get in now to try it for themselves.”

Mr Muller says he is thrilled with the response to the platform and says he has the tech community itself to thank for its success so far. “They’ve been instrumental in shaping the service we have now. Continual feedback is what’s going to make this product fundamental to lives of our members.”

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About Gooroo

Gooroo is an Australian-based startup building innovative technology that is set to transform how people and companies connect.

Focused initially in the tech sector, Gooroo has been quietly amassing an international talent pool who wants a better way to build their personal brand and get offered the work they want to do.

Gooroo has built an intelligent behavioural learning platform that uses complex neural networking to compatibility match an individual to a role. It does this across multiple skill and personality dimensions to deliver a faster, more accurate fit that anything else in the market. Gooroo’s big data system progressively learns based on what people do, making recommendations stronger and more valuable over time.

Gooroo was founded in 2013 and is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.

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