Whether for a contract role, permanent position or project, we all loathe those times when we need to put ourselves out there and sell who we are. Most of us are pretty humble and don’t like to grandstand. We do what we do because we love creating things, solving problems and opening up new possibilities.

If you’ve ever had to recruit someone you’ll know that it’s a time consuming process of elimination. It’s not personal, just a series of steps (mostly not scientific or systematic mind you!) to identify the right candidates to take on to further testing and interview.

Don’t be ignored

Much has been written about resumes, however at Gooroo we are fundamentally opposed to them. 90% offer very little value at all and are discarded. Most of the words you write are ignored, and aren’t typically structured in a way that promotes what you’re great at. Times have changed and you need to get ready

The tools that employers and professional recruiters (I will classify them both from now on as ‘recruiters’) are using will mean that you need to start thinking differently. Recruiters can build a profile of you without you knowing. Are you showing them the best of you? Are you providing them the signals you want them to see?

At Gooroo, we’re totally focused on your career and getting you the career outcomes you seek. We want you to be doing the work you want to do and have a confidence that you are progressing in your career.

Focus on your achievements

The new Gooroo Bio cares less for what you’ve done. Rather we care for the skills you have and what you have achieved. Think about it, there have been many great college and regional footballers, but how many of them actually make it to the major league? Recruiters look for those things that make a footballer stand out above everyone else. How many goals have you scored, how many intercepts did you make, how many best and fairest have you won, how many tackles did you successfully execute?

Most experienced footballers can play football well. But how many of them will positively contribute to the team and the winning of a championship? Put another way, most developers can probably do the basics of the job being asked, however which ones will make a real difference to the performance of the team and company? Think about it.

That’s why at Gooroo we’re getting you to focus on what you have ‘achieved’ in your work. Talking about your position only provides loose cues, however detailing specifically what you did and the results you personally delivered will transform your CV in to a sales machine. It would also help you build credibility amongst your peers.

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Skills, front and centre please!

The tech skills you have are equally important. As a recruiter, I want to be sure a candidate I am looking at has the capabilities to do the job. So at Gooroo, that’s why we ask you about the skills you’re working with, learnt and written about. This approach provides the reader with an immediate sense of your competencies because you’ve demonstrated that you have them and why you have them. This is a core failure of the traditional CV – it’s nearly impossible to work out in what circumstances you’ve used and developed that skill.

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Show some of your awesome personality

Finally, employers want to see who YOU are. Working with other people involves complex behavioural dynamics – that’s another story for another time. However, via your articles on GoorooThink, the words you use in your descriptions, and the pictures you upload tell a story to the recruiter. Please carefully choose these images and if you’re unsure, ask someone you trust to give you a frank assessment of what it says about you. However, it’s also really important to be true to yourself, because it is when you are yourself you’re more relaxed and in my experience, good things seem to happen.

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Go and kick some goals

The Gooroo Bio is not meant to be just another profile. If applied properly it will change your success rate and the salary you can command.

So start your journey now and make sure you record each goal you kick.

Good luck out there.

Best, Greg

Founder & CEO Gooroo.io

PS. Please keep sending us feedback to about the Bio and how you feel it could be even better.